The Mozart of Madras arrives in Sydney!

By Neeru Saluja

As Sydney is holding it’s breath for the music maestro AR Rahman’s magic, the legend interacted with the media ahead of the concert where he will be performing live with a band of renowned singers, organised by Polux Media.

Celebrating 25 years of his journey with the music and film industry, the Double Academy winner and Golden Globe winner is all set to perform in Australia, where he prefers kangaroos to koalas.

When Rahman was here last time in 2010 to perform for the Sydney Festival, he was on a mission. Indo-Australian ties were tense due to the recent attacks on Indian students. While then the message was love through his music, Rahman still believes in peace and unity. “My upcoming concert is an example where we can prove we are one. Despite language barriers within our homeland, we are one and music is the platform where we can unite,” tells Rahman.

AR Rahman does not only believe in uniting the country, but also doing the same for both the industries he has been acknowledged in ”“ Hollywood and Bollywood. “The only differences are culture and work ethics. Every culture has it’s own beauty and I love many other cultures like African, Bulgarian and Chinese. The world is just like India. While the world has so much to offer, so does every state of India. Music is a medium where we all can unite,” says Rahman.

Calm and peaceful in his conduct always, he is questioned if praise or criticism ever affects him? “I’m a musician and composer, I believe the world should look at my art. My peaceful zone is my music and I want my fans to enjoy that medium. Criticism does affect me, but it’s like a mirror to me.

And that could be the reason why Rahman is always experimental with his music. He broke barriers with his unconventional style for Roja in 1992, his debut work and the start of a new era. “I was brave enough to experiment as my intention was never to make money. I always wanted to be daring. Mani Ratnam believed in me and trusted me. He is still a brother and I enjoy working with him,” declares Rahman.

Rahman has always been ahead of his times. Be it the win at Oscars, opening a music academy or using technology in his music. “When I won the Oscars, I felt it was for every Indian. I want to open the doors of music to the younger generation and give them the platform where I stood once. And that’s why I started a music school where we teach music and students are performing internationally. And regarding embracing technology, it’s an extension of art for me. I want to take the technicality of music and make it more humane”.

After achieving the epitome of music, Rahman has now also entered filmmaking. “My first movie ”˜99 songs’ is based on a self-discovery love story. The other movie I’m doing is a virtual reality based on Italian and Armenian traditions in English. We have almost finished the shooting for it”.

As the legend celebrates his 25th year in the music industry with us on 30 September, we wish him the best and are looking forward to create the magic for the third time in Sydney.





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