Two in one ”“ Toilet Ek Prem Kahani & Harry met Sejal

Film Review By Devaki Parthasarathy

First let me talk about Akshay Kumar’s TEPK! What a fantastic movie”¦ a rather poignant issue of ills of open defacation mixed with women’s rights in a fight against traditions and a corrupt government!!!! Well what a mouthful that was”¦ but not a minute of boredom!
I must admit I started watching it just to tick a box”¦ ki bhai yeh bhi dekh li! But was blown away by the down to earth character of  a not to typical village boy (well he 37 in the movie, so may be not a boy). You actually pity his state of being unmarried because he is a Manglik and finally his marriage to a buffalo to ward off the evil of Mangal. His toothy smile and ”˜battameez bol lo madam lekin bhaisaab mat bolo’ kind of roadside Romeo dialogues make him so likeable!
The rest of the cast do their roles equally well and no one is misplaced. Though Kumar is the backbone of the movie, but Bhumi Pednekar is no less a contributor to this story. They have a chemistry so tangible you fall in love with every dialogue they render! Veteran actors Kher and Sudhir Pandey do due justice to their roles and new comer Divyendu Sharma is adorable as an adoring younger brother!!!!
Loved the music score esp Hans mat pagli pyar ho jayega!
Fantastic movie and a must watch for every Indian!
Dee Score: 4/5

And then Harry met Sejal”¦. Dhatt tereki”¦.
Dee Score: 0/5 if you actually make it to the end, give yourself some points!

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