Ungodly liaisons

By Vijay Badhwar

They are self-appointed representatives of God, claim miracle powers, live a life of luxury, control harems, command followers, rich and powerful – truly what a misguided human would see in the image of a god.

O pity, pity, gentle heaven, pity!

Those innocent, gullible, unsuspecting souls!

Those 30 killed, injured and ruined recently due to that self-appointed God representative Gurmeet Ram Rahim.

There are many more like him, not only in India, but throughout the world, all in the name of God.

Now, the Akhil Bhartiya Akhara Parishad (ABAP), the apex body of saints and seers in India, has released a list of 14 ”˜fake’ godmen after its special meeting held in Allahabad on September 10.

The list is: Asaram Bapu , Radhey Maa a.k.a. Sukhwinder Kaur, Sachchidanand Giri, Gurmeet Singh Ram Rahim, Om Baba a.k.a. Vivekanand Jha, Nirmal Baba, Ichchadhari Bheemanand, Aseemanand, Om Namah Shivay, Ram Pal, Malkan Giri, Kushi Muni and Narain Sai.

Asaram Bapu, Narain Sai, Rampal and Gurmeet Ram Rahim are already in jail on various charges that include rape and murder.

The action by ABAP which, its head Mahant Narendra Giri says, is to save the saints from disgrace, comes close on the heels of a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) court in Haryana, sentencing Dera Sacha Sauda chief Ram Rahim to 20 years in prison for the rape of two of his former disciples. The verdict sparked violence across Haryana and Punjab in which 30 people were killed and many injured.

The Indian Government had to call in army when the state government’s inaction led to large scale violence in Panchkula. The rampage by Gurmeet Singh followers resulted in burning cars and buses and widespread disruption as the city life came to a standstill, the local residents worried about their lives and property.

The Government imposed two-day curfew in Sirsa to allow search of the convicted rapist’s 700-acre ashram. The police discovered a tunnel that allowed unhindered and secret access to women’s living areas including minors’. There is also speculation that from a hospital in the premises there was illegal trade of human organs.

Gurmeet Singh exercised significant political clout as he claimed a large vote bank. The political parties on either side of the fence traded his influence with backdoor facilitations as well as cash donations.

It is indeed mind boggling how thousands of his followers, some probably even in Australia (as his adopted daughter/friend Honeypreert was reported in Indian media preparing to come to Australia), were conned by a jet-setting rock star, actor, fraudster to lead them on a divine journey.


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