Happy Bhaag Jayegi: Takes the cake and runs away with it

A Review by Devaki Parthasarathy

Nothing to do in an empty nest I sat down to watch this movie with a view to bad mouth the director for making a hindi version of Runaway bride!!!! And I am so glad I watched this one!!!

The only connection it has with the runaway bride is how the bride runs away in a hurry in the first scene! Like a light and fluffy lemon sponge cake this movies is a fresh and light-hearted take on cross-border camaraderie that revolves around a ”˜runaway bride’ with ample  gags”¦ both spastic and clever”¦ and a lavish helping of romance. As long as you leave logic behind and watch it just for fun, its a lot of fun!  

The movie’s two pillars were ”“ Comedy and Happy! The director explored the comedy in Urdu’s poetic misunderstandings when brought across the border and cat and mouse chase between the various characters with elan. But he did not do justice to Happy the Punjabi woman with spunk and gaiety with whom everyone falls in love once they get to know her. The character lacked depth and Diana Penty did the most she could given her awful script!  

The one that shone brightly was Abhay’s girlfriend, Momal Sheikh a Pakistani actress! Acting by Abhay Deol is top class as always, but my heart was with Jimmy Shergill!!! His always the best man never the groom act has sort of grown on me! Actually everyone did their bit pretty well and the team work shone through.

A must watch”¦ on a lazy weekend, with some cheesy pizza and a nice Red!  

DeeScore: 4/5

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