Mersala !

I love Vijay movies because there is always a relatable theme, punch dialogues, super romantic scenes, a handleable amount of emo, colourful visuals, msala moments, peppy music, super dance and last but not the least star power!!!! With Mersal, we have got this year’s most engaging mass masala movie.

Nearly three hours of action packed, leave your brains at home drama. Like Mahan and three Amitabhs, this is Mersal with three Vijays and none of them bores!  Please forget that the brothers are identical twins born 7 years apart or the child comes to life after a good half an hour of being dead with no one trying, or when Vijay singlehandedly moves the giant wheel”¦. sigh!!!! But that’s the ridiculousness I bargained for. Thankfully I didn’t quite get the last few lines (because my Tamil is borderline OK) which were controversial, so i don’t need to think about that!  

And my review would be incomplete without a word for the lovely Nithya Menon!! Once again she steals the show and runs away with it!

But honestly, Mersal did not disappoint! I went to get a belly full of Masala and oh did I!!!!

DeeScore: 3.5/5

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