Nautanki Theatre presents 2nd South Asian Theatre Festival

For the Second year running, Nautanki Theatre’s 2nd South Asian Festival is a celebration in South Asian languages, transcending cultures and geographical boundaries, these plays are presented by various South Asian theatre groups who have been performing plays for many years within their community space.

Nautanki endeavours to provide a common performing platform for these groups, encouraging a cross-cultural and inter-language exchange. Nautanki is working along with three of these theatre groups to bring you three ”˜one act’ plays over two nights.

An Urdu play, ”˜Jehan Ara ke Teen Roop’ (The Three Faces of Jehan Ara), a Gujarati play, ”˜Bapu Downunder’ and a Sinhalese play, ”˜Thara’ will be presented during the festival.

Date & Times:  
Thursday 9th November at 7.45 pm
Friday 10th November at 7.45 pm

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