Rotimatic – world’s first kitchen robot launches in Australia

The world’s first home flatbread making machine is now available in Australia, promising to transform the lives of families who enjoy rotis, puris, wraps, tortillas and other types of flatbread as a staple of their diet.

The Rotimatic, the world’s first and only fully automated flatbread making robot, produces authentic, healthy and tasty rotis and and puris in minutes, with its offering soon to include tortillas, pizza bases and other flatbread variants.

It’s the world’s most intelligent kitchen device, driven by Aritficial Intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT).

Pranoti Nagarkar, who founded Zimplistic Pte Ltd ”“ the company that manufactures Rotimatic ”“with Rishi Israni in 2008, said with almost 25% of the world’s popluation eating flatbreads the device would simplify the lives of millions of people.

“This machine is the first ever kitchen device to use advanced robotics, along with AI and IoT technology, making it a one-of-a-kind invention. It becomes more intelligent by learning over time, and troubleshooting and updates are completed remotely, via connection with the Internet,” she said.

“With health and convenience being top priorities, the Rotimatic is designed to simplify and change the way people cook by completely automating the entire process allowing users to spend less time in the kitchen without compromising on health.”

The machine works by users loading ingredients into the machine and selecting how many rotis they would like to make, and after six mintues of warm-up, it begins producing fresh rotis every 90 seconds.

Coming from a family of five generations of engineers, Pranoti, who is co-founder and CTO invented the Rotimatic. Eight years, eleven iterations and thirty five patents later, the perfect flat bread making robot was born.

“Eating healthy and staying fit have always been my priority. But I realised that following a healthy diet plan was always challenging and time consuming,” she said.

“I wanted to eat healthy home cooked meals but I never had the time to prepare an entire meal from scratch. I wanted to solve this problem with the use of technology and that’s when the idea of Rotimatic was born. During the entire design and manufacturing process my vision was to make a device that makes health accessible, easy and convenient”.

Rishi Israni, co-founder and CEO, built the software capabilities of Rotimatic. His vision was to make Rotimatic the smartest device in the kitchen that gets better after every use.

“We wanted Rotimatic to be smart and versatile in order to leverage the untapped $US250 billion kitchen appliances segment and offer a product that would take away the hassles of flatbread making and allow people more time with their families,” he said.

“The software capabilities of Rotimatic are one of a kind. It’s the only product in this segment to use IoT and AI making the entire experience pleasurable. Our hope is to see a Rotimatic in every kitchen. We want it to be a part of people’s everyday life. Just like a washing machine or a refrigerator and we are very well on track for that.

“With the launch of Rotimatic in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada, I am sure we will be adding many new members to our Rotimatic family,”

The latest model of Rotimatic combines cutting-edge, AI-driven technology with internet connectivity to create the ultimate smart cooking device. The Rotimatic companion app which is currently used to provide customer support, will also act as a chef’s assistant, allowing users to turn on and automatically update the device, download new recipes, and more in the near future

Priced at $US999 (approximately $AU1275) + shipping, Rotimatic is designed to provide creative expression and freedom to its users. Since its launch in 2016, it has evolved to provide more offerings that will soon include tortillas, pizzas and different variants of the traditional ”˜roti’ itself like the masala rotis. Its IoT capabilities such as remote diagnostics allows our engineers to remotely diagnose and troubleshoot issues, almost instantly. Not just that,

Since its launch in 2016 in Singapore and the United States, Rotimatic has a strong community of approximately 16,000 Rotimatic owners and  is already making one million flatbreads a month. The success of Rotimatic is evident from the growing requests from people from all across the world and the positive feedback received from its existing customers.

The product also attracted many investors with Zimplistic raising $US3 million in a Series A round from private investors, followed by a $US11.5 million Series B from investors including NSI Ventures and Robert Bosch Venture Capital. The company is now in the process of planning a Series C to raise more funds as they enter new markets while the existing continue to grow.

Rotimatic is now available in the U.K., Australia, New Zealand and Canada. Orders are available exclusively to customers on the waitlist. To join the waitlist and be the early ones to get Rotimatic, sign up at An Order Link will be share upon registration.


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