Thupparivaalan – an Indian version of Sherlock Holmes

By Devaki Parthasarathy
So there’s a Vishal camp in the South and this movie clearly panders to them! He is in every frame of the film! He has done a great job as the Indian version of Sherlock Holmes ”“ and by that I mean emotional and melodramatic with a conscience ”“ but the movie itself leaves a lot to be desired.
Here Sherlock deduces and deduces but its more like guessing; as the viewers don’t get the opportunity to look into his thinking and what made him deduce what he did. Except of course the most obvious one that sound travels faster than light! He gets to yell and shout at a girl he employs because he pities her. Then he gets to cry and cry when”¦
 Having said that, though it started slowly and obscurely, the second half is pretty gripping as the scattered pieces come together. Now you become the Sherlock and guesstimate the next scene and pat yourself for getting it right! The last scene which is rather long was quite elaborate (of course we still don’t know how he knows so much about the antagonist!) Acting by everyone was pretty awesome and the background score added to the effectiveness of the scenes and cinematography!
So if you want to see Vishal, you will love this crime thriller, but if you are expecting a thrilling experience, you may come out wondering whether you liked the movie or not”¦ like me now”¦ kinda like ”¦ whateva!!!
DeeScore: 3/5
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