Words such as ‘mithai’, ‘puja’ in Australian Hansard because of Daniel Mookhey, MLA

Daniel Mookhey
Member of the Legislative Council

NSW Labor’s Daniel Mookhey took to the floor of the NSW Upper House to declare that his Mum makes Australia’s finest ”˜Poori’ and ”˜Channa Masala.’

Also, to wish everyone a Happy Diwali!

Mr Mookhey’s provocative declaration was made in a speech noting how more Australians are celebrating Diwali every year.

Reflecting on the  poojas  being held in Mandirs across New South Wales, Mr Mookhey said ”˜Diwali is the most joyous celebration of a joyous faith.’

He went on to note how many non-Hindus – Muslims, Christians, Buddhists and the secular – were joining celebrations; typical of modern Australia.

As a result of Mr Mookhey’s speech, it is believed that for first time the words ”˜Mithai’, ”˜Pooja’, ”˜Poori’, ”˜Aloo’ and ”˜Channa’ will be published in Australian Hansard.

Quotes Attributable to Daniel Mookhey MLC:

“It was my honour to reflect on the evolution of Diwali as quintessentially Australian festival.

“I also cheekily used it to declare my Mum the maker of best Channa in Australia.

“My Diwali challenge for anyone who disagrees is to get elected, and use Parliament to say I’m wrong. The more Australians of Indian origin elected to the Parliament, the better for Australia.

“In the meantime, I hope that the ties that bind our community grow stronger in the year ahead.

“I wish all of Australia a Happy Diwali!”

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