“Add colour to your life,” says Mittu Gopalan, her art speaks of her passion.

By Neeru Saluja

What happens when a lawyer puts down her legal files and picks up the paint brush? It’s colours, colours and colours everywhere!

Mittu Gopalan, Principal at Freedman and Gopalan Solicitors and a leading law expert since 20 years is known for her empathetic nature while solving the problems of her clients. And when this compassion is mixed with colours through her paintings at her first ever exhibition, it becomes a visual and inspiring treat.

Set up in the historic Brush Farm House, the exhibition was inaugurated by Victor Dominello MP, Member for Ryde, Minister for Finance, Services and Property. “You get a sense of the artist behind the work. It is truly amazing and extraordinary in it’s depth. The art sings to you with it’s compassion. I was kept drawn to the teary angel. Mittu’s heart has been poured out in the portrayal of women. The depth of colour is exceptional. Her being a humanitarian comes out in her work,” said the local MP.

The exhibition was felicitated by the Consul General of India, Mr B Vanlal Vawna who praised her various talents in a beautiful speech. In presence was also Hon. Jodi McKay, MP and various other dignitaries.

Humble and graceful as always, Mittu acknowledged the guidance of her art teachers and the contribution of her supportive family towards her passion of painting. “Art is something that needs to be shared with the world. It is a medium that has taught me a lot. It has taught me that life is too short and it needs colours. I hope you can resonate with my art as every painting of mine has a story”.

As the art lovers gathered for the inauguration headed towards the art gallery, the paintings spoke of colours, love, compassion, the joy of nature and the multifaceted woman. While one room displayed paintings showing the various seasons of nature comprising the vinyeards, waratahs and mesmerising magnolias, another room showed a teary angel, a woman in power and a nurturing woman. The exhibition also travelled countries with the French chateau, the Sleeping Buddha and the African woman. Everyone walked out mesmerised, while repeating rounds and taking selfies with their favourite painting.

As the lawyer-cum-artist showed her creative side with her aesthetic paintings, she is equally passionate about being a lawyer. “I get to serve the community as a lawyer and as an artist I can bring smiles on people’s faces. My soul becomes rejuvenated to get ready to fight a case. Painting is where my passion meets my soul,” tells Mittu.

With her exhibits, Mittu has one sole aim. “Try to add colour to your life wherever possible and whenever you can. I see the world through my colours and so can you.”

The exhibition is open from 18-19 November 4pm at Brush Farm House, Dundas Valley.

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