Irrfan Khan romances Parvathy in ”˜Qarib Qarib Singlle’

By Neeru Saluja

The powerhouse performer has won hearts all over the world. Be it offbeat or mainstream cinema, national or international films, acclaimed actor Irrfan Khan is an artist who always surpasses his own acting abilities.

The talented actor of Oscar winning ”˜Slumdog Millionaire’, international hit ”˜Lunchbox’, the star of ”˜Life of Pi’ and ”˜Piku’, will show his funny side once again after ”˜Hindi Medium’ with his upcoming release ”˜Qarib Qarib Singlle’. Paired with Malayalam actress Parvathy, the film is a modern age romantic drama with a refreshing love story.

As the film is creating a buzz for it’s quirky storyline and unusual pairing, we caught up with the lead stars National Award winner Irrfan Khan and South Indian sensation Parvathy who is making her Bollywood debut with this film. While we focussed mainly on the film, the light and fun conversation gave an insight into the film, the characters and their unique relationship.

Directed by Tanuja Chandra, the film is releasing in nearby cinemas on November 10 and brought by Zee Studios.

We would love to hear about your roles in the film ”“ Irrfan aka Yogi and Parvathy aka Jaya. But let’s hear from Irrfan telling us about Jaya and vice-versa!

Irrfan: Jaya is the heroine of the film, who is carrying a responsibility of society and family. It often happens that when you are in such a situation, you don’t explore your own life or ask questions to yourself. You don’t put yourself on the track of life where you want to go. Jaya is stuck in a fixed zone where she has taken all these responsibilities. There is a possibility where she can explore her life, and that is how I see her when I meet her for the first time.

Parvathy: ”˜Yogi’ is a ”˜why not’ guy. He would never see things organically; he comes across as a refreshing person who doesn’t think twice before taking action. This is a very different experience for Jaya. When you meet a person like this, you either resist such dynamics or you get influenced. Yogi is a releasing mechanism for Jaya.

So how do your paths cross each other?

Irrfan: They meet on a dating website. And Jaya is a person who has never experienced a dating app and is influenced by her colleagues to give it a shot. In our society, a woman after a certain age starts getting the pressure to meet someone. And then she meets this weird guy Yogi!

You have acted together for the first time but everyone is talking about your amazing onscreen chemistry. What is something that you love about each other and something that really annoys you about each other?

Parvathy: That’s a dangerous question! The time I got to know Irfan is acting in the film, surprisingly it wasn’t a question ever that he is achieved so much and how will I match up to his acting skills. For me, it was always an actor who is bringing his acting to the table. It was great news and I was delighted to get a good work partner. The thing I love about him is that he is fully committed to his craft, he loves cinema and is involved in every aspect of the production, be it direction or music. What I don’t like about him, is that he is annoyingly good at everything! If I spend more time with him, I may find something else.

Irrfan: I have seen a few films of Parvathy and we wanted an actress who looks beautiful, desirable and can act well. The story demanded that kind of role. When I saw her photo it was spontaneous love and I carried that love to the film. Her character was annoying when she wasn’t ready to come out of the shell. I don’t remember anything that is annoying about Parvathy herself. If I do, I’ll tweet about it and tag you!

What will the audience take home after watching this new age romcom?

Irrfan: It’s up to the audience what message they want to take home. All what I can say is the way Yogi looks at his past is very refreshing and his spontaneity is very contagious. It is always said ”˜Follow your dreams’, but Yogi has no dreams or goals in life.

Irrfan ”“ you have kicked off many goals in your life, making a mark in national and international cinema. How much do you relate to this character?

I can relate to this character. I have never planned my life. I have desired things, but do not have any goals. I just want to live life to the fullest. I enjoy this kind of approach instead of spending all your life towards a goal.

We wish you keep on kicking goals and we are all looking forward to watching this film. All the best!

Irrfan: Inshallah. Please watch the film and let us know your verdict!



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