An initiative by Cherrybrook’s Simran Keswani to break the silence around violence

15 year old Cherrybrook girl Simran Keswani raises $5,000 for girls in need to raise awareness against sexual violence by hosting a White Ribbon fundraiser

Simran along with her mentor, Sue Advani organized an event to help raise awareness of White Ribbon Australia’s work to end men’s violence against women. All funds raised will support primary prevention initiatives in schools, workplaces and the broader community.

The ”˜Case Closed Project Launch – Gala Dinner’ is the launch of her new campaign, The Case Closed Project, which aims to eradicate sexual violence in Australia. Held on the 25th November from 6:30pm till 11pm at Cherrybrook Community Centre, it was a packed family friendly gala dinner with VIPS, splendid entertainment with some powerful speeches and a three-course meal for everyone to relish.

The event raised a grand total of $5000, which will go towards White Ribbon in the fight against violence.

“I held this event to not only launch my project into our society, but to also eliminate the silence around this issue and start making a change, regardless of my age. I aim to use my campaign, the Case Closed Project, and work with White Ribbon to assist survivors all around Australia by raising as many funds and awareness as I can.”

“Violence against women is never a private issue. Only a small percentage of rapists in our country receive a sentence, even after clear evidence against them has been presented. This is a legal system, but not a justice system.” 15 year old CTHS student Simran said.

To make matters worse, sexual violence is an issue hardly spoken about in society, always treated as a taboo. Victim blaming has almost become like a norm in our society and gaining justice for these survivors: a privilege.

And the women lost are not just statistics, they are wives, mothers, daughters, grand-daughters, sisters, aunts, nieces, friends and colleagues. Most importantly, they are people, and the impact of the violence penetrated against them is wide spread and long-standing.

Simran insists, “I want people to know that this is unacceptable, it is never the victim’s fault, help is always available and if you see something, you should always say something. People need to know they can make a difference; bringing an end to men’s violence against women will take a whole of community approach. “

If you are experiencing violence or suspect someone else is, please contact 1800RESPECT for advice and support. In an emergency, call the police on 000.

Simran Keswani can be contacted on 0424278010   








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