Temple in Fiji violated by vandals

Commissioner of Police Brigadier-General Sitiveni Qiliho listens to Votualevu Tirath Dam Mandir treasurer Shiu Chandra on December 21, 2017. Photo: Lusiana Banuve

December 22, 2017. Hindus worldwide are highly concerned after reports of desecration in Votualevu Tirath Dham Hindu Temple in Nadi area of Fiji.

According to reports, desecration was caused on December 16 night, violating this sacred Hindu place of worship. Damage included pouring paint over the images of deities Ganesha, Hanuman; graffiti/slurs on walls; theft of donation box, sound system and other equipment; rubbish strewn in prayer area; and was said to be third such act at the temple.

It is disturbing for the hard-working, harmonious and peaceful Fijian Hindu community; who have made tremendous contributions to the nation and society; to receive such signals of hatred and anger.

National Federation Party leader Professor Biman Prasad has denounced the desecration of a Hindu temple in Nadi and called on authorities to address the issue with urgency.

During a visit to the Votualevu Tirath Dham yesterday, he said it was quite obvious the attack was calculated.

“Just looking at the pictures of the desecration and after speaking to temple executives, it is clear that this was a calculated and deliberate desecration of a place of worship,” he said.

“It does not suggest a random act of vandalism.

“We condemn this heinous act in the strongest terms and hope the perpetrators will be brought to justice soon.”

Temple executive Parmendra Bharos said the desecration of their worship site dealt a big blow to the Hindu community at Votualevu.

“We used to have minor break-ins before where people were probably looking for money, but this one was very different,” he said.

“The people who did this wrote swear words and poured red paint on our idols.”

The Commissioner of Police has assured the public that thorough investigations will be carried out and the culprits apprehended and brought to justice.



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