Second drug haul in a week as HMAS Warramunga seizes $181 million of illegal narcotics


Royal Australian Navy frigate HMAS  Warramunga, with support from a UK Royal Navy helicopter, seized more than 3.5 tonnes of illicit narcotics during a night-time operation in the Arabian Sea on 3 January 2018 at around 0830 AEDT.

Warramunga  intercepted and boarded suspect vessel, under the direction of the Combined Maritime Forces’ (CMF) Australian-led Combined Task Force (CTF) 150 in international waters after the vessel was assessed to be engaged in possible illegal activity.

The interdiction came just days after  Warramunga, which commenced Middle East operations in November 2017, seized narcotics from three vessels over the period 27”“29 December.

During the course of the operation RFA  Fort Rosalie’s  helicopter provided surveillance allowing  Warramunga’s boarding party to locate and board the vessel.

The illegal narcotics are estimated to be valued at more than  $181 million, taking  Warramunga’s total seizures to more than 11.5 tonnes of hashish and 69 kg of heroin, valued at approximately $596 million.

Commanding Officer of HMAS  Warramunga, Commander Dugald Clelland, said the operation was the result of a complex night operation conducted in close coordination with the crew of  Fort Rosalie.

“The Royal Navy helicopter was able to cue us on to a suspect vessel, which  Warramunga’s  boarding party searched in challenging conditions,” Commander Clelland said.

“The boarding party did a first-rate job locating and seizing more than three-and-a-half tonnes of illicit narcotics.”

The Australian commander of CTF 150, Commodore Mal Wise, RAN, praised the close team work between  Fort Rosalie  and  Warramunga.

“In this challenging maritime environment, the Royal Navy Rotary Wing asset from  Fort Rosalie  was essential to locating the suspect vessel,” Commodore Wise said.

This close cooperation assisted the crew of  Warramunga  in successfully seizing a substantial quantity of narcotics.

“This operation highlights the excellent cooperation shown by nations contributing to CMF operations in the Middle East, which are making an impact on the flow of illegal narcotics that fund terrorist networks.”

Warramunga  is currently deployed to the Middle East on Operation MANITOU, Australia’s commitment to maritime security and stability in the region including the CMF.

A coalition of 32 nations, the CMF conducts maritime security operations to ensure the free flow of legitimate commerce in the region and to deny the use of the high seas to terrorist and illicit non-state actors.

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