Sleep well with the help from Vastushastra


One of the biggest challenge of almost every individual is getting a
quality sleep every night.
Most of us go to bed but how many of us really get a decent snooze?
Getting an adequate number of hours of slumber is important for our
body, mind and spirit; and this regime is required throughout our
According to Vasthu Sastra the location and direction we snooze can
determine our mood, energy, thinking power, health and happiness when
we wake up.
At a recent conference on Vasthu Sastra and astrology in Delhi, India,
I participated the need to clock in an adequate hours of sleep was
discussed actively by practitioners applying ancient sciences because
it is directly related to health and well-being of everyone.
Vasthu experts spoke about the importance of location and sleeping
directions while astrologers showed how planets like Moon, Mars,
Uranus, Saturn, and Neptune could influence our nap.
In the Indian science of architecture, the location where an
individual sleep is vital and this is based on the five elements ”“
fire, water, air, earth and ether.
If you are a hyper active person and have issues with anger you should
avoid sleeping in the south-east, which is the fire quadrant.
The recommended space should be north-east, northwest, south-west,
east, west and south.
Any person having air related issues like gassy, feeling full or
having indigestion should stay away from sleeping in the air corner of
He or she should occupy south, south-west, south-east, north, south and east.
If you are suffering from insomnia and mood problems, stay away from
the north-east quadrant.
South, west, north and east quadrants should be ideal locations to
deal with your issues.
Next the direction you sleep is equally significant because the wrong
direction could lead you to having bad dreams, waking up feeling
fatigue, having a restless night or disturbed sleep.
Totally avoid sleeping with your head towards the north and legs
towards the south.
In this position, your energy will be drained out of your body.
This direction is harmful to health and could lead to you having
nightmare, stress, sleeping disorder and frequently falling sick.
The recommended directions are placing your head towards the west,
east or south. Placing your head in the sub directions of north-east,
north-west, south-west and south-east are allowed.
Certain planets also determine our sleep. If you are going through
strong presence of moon in your astrological chart you are likely to
experience emotional swings and unwanted thoughts when you go to bed.
You may have an interrupted sleep or some nights without sleep if you
are undergoing Uranus influence.
Those undergoing the Saturn period in their birth chart should
exercise extra care and practise good sleep habits or your sleep can
be in disarray.
You are highly unlikely to have a blissful sleep even after you close
your eyes and rest in bed if you are under the influence of Neptune.
You will make up having low esteem, feeling lethargic and stressful.

Dos and don’ts for a good sleep

In the Indian since of longevity called Ayurveda, it recommends that
we should sleep three hours after sunset and wake up two hours before
Those who want to enjoy the pleasures of the world and relaxation
should sleep on their left side and those sleeping on the right side
will gain from sensuousness.
Take oil bath twice a week to ease your muscles and reduce tension.
Drink some milk 30 minutes before you go to bed and you will be
assured of uninterrupted sleep.
Meditation before sleeping is encouraged to calm the mind.
Dwellers are discouraged from sleeping on their back because it does
not harmonise the body, mind and spirit.
Such a position will promote diseases, reduce body energy level and
lead to illness.
Sleeping on the stomach should be avoided because it will obstruct
your breathing pattern.

Things you should avoid before bedtime:  

Switch off smart phone and electronic gadgets.

Don’t take your work to bed
Arguments before sleep
Alcohol before hitting bed
Avoid sleeping with your pet dog or cat
Stay away from caffeinated drinks
Keep away from spicy food
No smoking

Dr T.  Selva  is the author of the bestseller Vasthu Sastra Guide book
and the first disciple of 7th-generation Vasthu Sastra master Yuvaraj
Sowma from Chennai, India. His master and he will be visiting Sydney
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