Sri Om Care celebrates 90th Birthday of Savita Ben and of Savji Bhai Chauhan

Sri Om Care Pennant Hills recently celebrated 90th birthday of two its veteran members. Savita Ben and Savji Bhai Chauhan.

Reaching the milestone of ninety and becoming nonagenarians, both Savita ji and Savji Bhai’s families came to the group meeting on Monday. They all praised their mum and Chauhan family their dad for their perseverance and the secret of long and happy life.

Savita ji did her graduation at Bombay’s Elfinston College and went on to marry a businessman in Kenya with powerful political connections. In her hey days Savita organised many charity events raising funds for the needy. She entertained dignitaries such as Indira Gandhi and others and organised parties for hundreds of guests as her husband mingled and mixed with diplomats, politicians and VIPs.

Savita ji is an asset to the group always smiling, always on time even when she has been through health issues many a times. She has also travelled the world and her son-in-law who without fail, every Monday, drops and picks her up after the session. Savitaji will always ask for extra serve of sweet which she takes for him as she loves him dearly liek a son.

And Savji Bhai is a quiet gentleman who has stood by his wife Jasumati and family through thick and thin like a rock. One of the friends described Savji Bhai, “Whenever we go out Savji Bhai will always pay for all of us. He has a very generous nature.”

Savita’s grandson, Sashin, also came for the birthday celebration where Sri Om Care employees sang Happy Birthday as these two senior members celebrated their 90th birthday amongst family and friends.

Sri Om Care’s motto is to ‘Care for the Elderlies’ and it shows how the workers their give all their love, compassion and care to their members. The seniors come from far off places such as Mosman, St Leonards, Harris Park, Seven Hills only because they get all the love, care and attention and enjoy educational discourse and lectures, sing, play games, eat and enjoy the loving bond and the friendship they have developed over the years. They never miss their special Monday sessions as it starts with Yoga session at 10 am followed by tea, snacks. Then from 11.30 to 12.45 they have various activities when they are served simple and nutritious lunch.

On the birthday celebrations the Pennant hills complex can hear Happy Birthday song ‘

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