Mumbai and Delhi airports ranked number one in the world

Remember the days when all of us who travelled to India via Singapore used to talk about Singapore airport, the service, the automated expansive operation and its state of the art aesthetics. That one felt like stopping over in Singapore for an experience and of course the shopping and food. Well India, today, can be proud as two of the country’s famous airports have been ranked among the best in the world for their quality of services in a global passenger survey.

So the next time you set foot into either Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport or Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport (IGIA), remember you are in one of the world’s best airports  ”“ ranked number one by the Airports Council International (ACI), a trade association of 1,953 airports in 176 countries.

Both of these airports beat Beijing and Shanghai Pudong airports which tied for number two. The annual airport service quality (ASQ) awards held by the ACI on Tuesday revealed that both Mumbai  and Delhi airports emerged top winners handling a whopping 40 million passengers every year each.

All airports are ranked based on a survey. This survey has a sample size of millions of passengers, who give their honest feedback on 34 parameters. These include key performance indicators such as: Airport access, Check-in, Security screening, Restrooms, Stores, Restaurants and eating facilities, Ground transportation to and fro airport, Parking facilities, Waiting time in check-in queue, The efficiency of check-in, Courtesy and helpfulness of airport staff, Shopping facilities and value for money at these, Internet access, Availability of and cleanliness of washrooms, Cleanliness of terminal, Ambience, Arrival services like passport and customs inspection and Speed of baggage delivery.

In addition to this these airports, seven other airports in India also made it to top three positions in different categories making it the country winning the highest number of awards.

These include Bengaluru (2nd) and Chennai (3rd) in the 15-25 million categories, Hyderabad (1st) and Cochin (3rd) in the 5-15 million categories and Lucknow (1st) in the 2-5 million categories.

The ASQ awards ceremony will be held in Halifax, Nova Scotia during the ACI Customer Excellence Global Summit from 10-13 September.

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