Let us have free coffee in Parramatta only bring your own cup

City of Parramatta Council is shouting the residents and workers of Parramatta a round of lattes ”“ but only if they bring their own cups.

Council has joined forces with five local cafés and the Responsible Cafes movement to encourage coffee shops to help reduce litter and landfill by offering discounts to customers who bring their own re-useable cups.

“Over three consecutive Mondays from April 30, Council will buy your coffee or other hot drink if you bring your own re-useable cup to participating cafés,” Lord Mayor Cr Andrew Wilson said.

“This is a great way for everyone to do their bit to help the environment. The City of Parramatta is proud to be leading the way.

“By sponsoring your responsible caffeine fix over three days, we hope to encourage more businesses to join the Responsible Cafes movement and more coffee lovers to bring their own cups.”

Council will reimburse the five cafés the cost of all takeaway coffees and other hot beverages purchased by people using re-useable cups on 30 April, 7 May and 14 May.

Across the City around 20 businesses are already members of Responsible Cafes, a nation-wide movement in which coffee shops offer discounts to customers who bring their own re-usable cups.

More than three billion takeaway coffee cups and lids are used every year in Australia, according to the not-for-profit Responsible Cafes movement. Most are not recycled.

The five Parramatta cafés taking part in the re-useable coffee cup campaign are:

  • Bourke Street Bakery, Parramatta
  • Bakery Cafe, Eastern Concourse
  • Valentine Ave Cafe
  • Red Mango Cafe
  • Esquire Cafe

For more information visit:  www.cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au/living-community/coffee-cup-crusade

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