Mindfulness brightens daily life

By Vijay Badhwar

Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari is a spiritual teacher and a motivational speaker rolled in one. A follower of Baba Lokenath, he set upon the social welfare path for the needy, not by charity but by empowering them to take initiatives to manage their own lives and live with dignity. Micro-financing helped thousands in the community to become a success story in West Bengal.

At an afternoon session with the Sydney community at Pennant Hills Community Centre on April 22, Swami ji said that the practical lessons of Bhagwan Gita are learnt from the kids on the street, by helping the community and knowing yourself through mindfulness.

“Baba Lokenath came to me in 1978 and ordained me to spread the message.” This is a mission with a vision to contribute towards the larger family, he said.

Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa ji lamented at the hollowness of modern life left on autopilot, engulfed by negative news all day long, unmindful of the beauty around us, the vividness of colours the eyes see, only realised if the body functions are lost one day.

He emphasised on mindfulness to invoke the powers that reside within us, to reduce everyday stresses and for a successful life. Swami ji guided a meditation demonstration that refreshed and recharged the audience to make the point.

A bhajan session by Swami ji and dances by young performers in colourful costumes punctuated the programme which ended with refreshments.

Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa founded the Stress Management Academy in 2005 and runs courses in mindfulness all around the world. He held several talks in Australia and workshops in Byron Bay and Brisbane organised by devotees of Baba Lokenath. Following the Australia tour, Swami ji is on his way for an extended tour in USA.

Swamiji earlier held a session for the Indian Senior Group Hornsby (ISGH) at Epping Leisure Centre on April 15 during the Senior Week celebrations. The workshop on Mindfulness and Meditation by Sri Sri Shuddhaanandaa Brahmachari enlightened seniors with the benefits of   practicing mindfulness and meditation. Swamiji spoke on harnessing the innate mind power by conducting some practical activities. He tried to explain how millions of cells in the body should be in tune with the prana by being mindful of every activity we do in our daily lives and by being aware in the moment. The session was followed by Q & A by the ISGH members who were greatly impressed by his lecture which will help them lead a healthy, happy, peaceful and stressless lives.

Both the sessions were organised by the help of Sharmila Maitra.

The day also marked 88th Birthday of Mr Krishan Yadav which was attended by seniors, their families as well as many non-members of the general public. Lunch in the beginning was hosted by Mrs and Mr Yadav in honour of Mr Yadav’s birthday.


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