Parineeti Chopra is here to promote Australia!

By Neeru Saluja

Actress Parineeti Chopra is currently touring Australia and is making everyone jealous with her amazing Instagram photos. The first Indian woman ambassador of Australia, Parineeti is making a comeback visit to Australia to promote the country to millions of potential travellers in India.

As the chirpy Chopra looks radiant in her photos while climbing the Sydney Harbour bridge, visiting the Blue Mountains, diving in the Great Barrier Reef or playing cricket in Melbourne, we can’t forget her trolled pic from her last visit in which she looks super cute cuddling a koala.

In an exclusive interview with the Indian Down Under, Parineeti tells us about her fondness for Australia and why she loves coming back here again and again. With a massive following on social media, Parineeti is the perfect Bollywood actress to be the ”˜Friend of Australia’ tourism.

Parineeti, we are so proud to have you as ”˜Friend of Australia’ tourism. When we interviewed you a few years ago, you expressed your strong desire to visit Sydney and mentioned you had planned to study here. Does promoting Australia come across as a dream fulfilled?

Definitely! It’s been an amazing journey so far and I thoroughly enjoy advocating Australia to Indians. With its rich food and wine, unique nature and wildlife and amazing aquatic and coastal experiences, Australia has all the necessary elements for a perfect holiday. Even the people here are so warm and friendly! It’s wonderful to know that India is currently the fastest growing inbound tourism market for Australia. I truly believe there’s nothing like Australia.

From Uluru to the chic Melbourne to the beaches of Sydney, what place would you like to visit over and over again and why?

I can never pick one! All of these places and experiences have been so special and different. I’ve been fortunate to encounter different sides of the country on my visits. While my trip to Uluru was all about immersing myself in the oldest living culture in the world, Gold Coast was about fun and frolic on some of the world’s best beaches. My recent holiday covering Sydney, Melbourne and Hamilton Island was pretty special too. Sydney is such an iconic city and Melbourne’s art and cultural vibe has just left me impressed. Diving in the Great Barrier Reef, that’ll be an experience I’ll never forget. So as you can see, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to pinpoint any one place or experience.

What has been your most memorable experience while touring Australia?

Believe me, I’ve travelled all over the world but I’ve never felt such an instant connection with any country. The beauty of Australia lies in it’s friendly people, the diversity of natural attractions, it’s truly unique wildlife, the vast open spaces, the clean beaches and bright sunlight as well as the great value for money.

What message would you like to take back home to India?

The one message that I want to take back home is that for an outstanding holiday, the choice is Australia! I have visited Australia thrice already but I don’t think I can ever stop coming back. And I’m sure that each time I’ll come back, I’ll encounter something new.



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