Goutam Ghosal leaves Sydney spellbound

By Manju Mittal

It was a splendid Saturday evening on May 26, 2018 at Pennant Hills Community Centre when it overflowed with music lovers. Packed audience lapped up every song and the concert left audience with a craving for more such shows in the community.  Goutam Ghosal the Indian Bengali singer, came to Sydney, with his gifted voice that has transcended the barriers of caste, creed, language and nationality. Hailing from Kolkata, multitalented Goutam da is also a song writer and composer. Goutam da is well known for his popular songs ”˜Kusum kusum Roddur’, ‘Tomaro Janala ki Bheege’, ”˜Tor Janya Mon Munkhara’ and many more. He is well known for his two Albums Meghpakhi and Antamil.

There were two surprise elements of the show besides the apparent expectation of great evening of music and nostalgia, first, the carefully crafted aesthetics of the stage, designs with precision by Serenity Decor to give the audience a feel of being in their home country through its visuals for a start. The second mesmerising surprise for the audience was the perfection of the musicians in producing the music of old Bengali classic and modern songs. A band of five musicians on different instruments such as tabla, keyboard, guitar etc. cloned the music of the original songs to almost perfection at the concert.

Charming Tista Bhattacharya was the Emcee, superb in handling the program as she engaged the audience well, a compere who has this uncanny ability of keeping the audience engaged. The concert commenced with a medley by the talented young children and they captured the audience attention with beautiful songs. Goutam Ghosal started his concert with a very humble rendition of legendary Ghazal singer Jagjit Singh ”˜Honto se chhu lo tum’ followed by many songs from his albums.

Srijani Dan the melody queen of Sydney, entertained the audience with two beautiful solo songs and a passionate duet with her guru Goutam da ”˜Janeman Janeman’ from the movie ”˜Chhoti si baat’, applauds of which echoed louder with every passing performance in the hall.

I caught up with Goutam Ghosal after the concert, Goutam da said, “I really enjoyed the experience of my concert in Australia and was very pleased with the very warm response from the audience.”

This has been the most delightful evening witnessed after a long time. Dan Studio organised the event which was supported by Heart & Soul Productions. The concert ended late in the evening and Goutam Ghosal and musicians received a standing ovation for delivering a fantastic musical show exhibiting the richness of Indian Bengali music.


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