India Club discusses seniors’ rights

By Vijay Badhwar

India Club hosted a discussion group on May 28 at West Pennant Hills Community Centre to encourage awareness about respect towards elders ”“ ”˜Spark The Change’ – a learning program at grass roots level to inspire social change, initiated by Amrit Versha and Nalika Padmasena.

Nearly 30 participants, including councilors, lawyers, researchers and some in the teaching profession contributed in the debate to address the problem about elder abuse that can take place in various forms including financial, verbal and physical abuse.

“The elder community should be made aware of their rights, their right to demand respect which can not be taken for granted,” said Akshay Kumar of the India Club.

It was recognised that Australia may be a foreign environment for many elders from the Indian community that it may not provide the social infrastructure familiar to them. The elder community should be made aware of the facilities that are available to them and the agencies they can contact in case of any emergency.

The discussion group especially explored the stigma around abuse that needed educating and empowering those who were at the raw end of the deal. It was part of their human rights to be treated with respect, said a participant, Purnima.

Another forum is organised by Seniors Rights Service on June 2, 2.30-5.00 pm, at Blacktown Community Centre. Please contact Diana Bernard, Tel 1800 424 079, for more information.

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