Ramadan Eid Bazaar on June 9 in Liverpool’s Whitlam Centre

After a month long Ramadan fasting, Sydney’s Muslim community is all smiles after observing the month long fast everyone gets into celebratory mood with Iftar dinners, invites and a show of rich culture and tradition. Do not forget the Ramadan Eid Bazaar 2018 with plenty of stalls selling latest fashion, toys, kids’ rides, freshly made kebabs on hot coals, curry stalls, traditional biryanis, even Chhole Bhature and Dosai and vegetarian Aloo Puri for the vegetarians, games, entertainment, fashion parade, it is a full on family event starting at 3 pm and goes on till late at night. And don’t forget on your way out and try out famous Eid sweets – Sheer Khurma, Shahi Tukdaey, Rabdi served in Kulhads. Its a traditional food fair where the revellers come all dressed up in joyous mood and celebrate this religious occasion with everyone in Sydney. Why not be a part!

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