IACS members celebrate Mr. R.K.Ram’s 90th birthday

By Noshir Irani

Indo-Australian Cultural Society (IACS) members celebrated Mr. R. K. Ram’s 90th birthday recently.   He was one of the past president of the society now looked upon by all as a father figure with fine personality.

Some of the past presidents of the Indo-Australian Cultural Society (IACS)    met for an informal luncheon at Urban Tadka to celebrate the birthday of R.K.Ram. He was supported by his loving wife Raj and family.

Indo-Australian Cultural Society was the apex Indian body in the seventies run by first influx of Indian migrants from the Indian subcontinent when Australia opened its doors to Asian migration in the 70s. During these years  Australia first began to adopt a policy of what Minister of Immigration Al Grassby    termed “multiculturalism”.

Indo-Australian Cultural Society represented all Indians living in NSW during the 60’s and 70’s.    In fact it was the only Indian Association at that time and was recognised both by the Australian    and Indian government bodies. The IACS fostered and encouraged culture and trade exchanges    thus helping to build up strong and good    relationship between the    two    countries. The association comprised of Indian engineers, doctors, teachers, academics and businessmen. Everyone remembers it as an association which was rather a loving family of friends who formed strong bonds with each other and have carried fondly their friendship for more than four decades. IACS members remember those days with packed events, house parties and picnics as they settled in this new homeland.

Mr. Ram who turned 90 in early May, has served the Indian community for many years. First as the President of the IACS and in the later years as the President of SEVA. Soft spoken, yet  firm in his beliefs and convictions, Mr. Ram has endeared himself to all he came across. He has worked tirelessly over many decades to assist and mentor Australian Indians.

Age has not diminished Mr. Ram’s enthusiasm who is much ahead of his times always working towards the cause of Indians society, their long term goals and now as the first migrants age, their issues are high on his agenda.

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