Like the Sun’s warmth, Yoga is everywhere

By Vijay Badhwar

Nearly 100 participants stretched and breathed life into Fourth International Day of Yoga on June 24 at the Indian Consulate in Sydney. Following Yoga postures on a screen in front, produced by the Ministry of AYUSH, Government of India, and instructed by an inspiring teacher, young and old alike practised the ancient path to well-being on the occasion.

Consul General Vanlalvawna quoted from PM Modi’s message of three days earlier at the Dehradun Forest Research Institute that Yoga had shown the world the path from ill health to well-being. He said that marking a special day for yoga was also to standardise postures that now were marketed in diverse formats.

Mr Vanlalvawna introduced the Chief Guest, former Australian women’s team captain, Lisa Sthalekar, who said that she initially took up yoga practice to avoid hard and sweaty workouts but soon realised its real benefits.

Lisa is now a popular commentator and could be heard covering the recent IPL matches. She related an anecdote with Chris Gayle who had been sidelined for a couple of matches in the tournament due to poor performance. But he came out blazing for Kings XI Punjab with match-winning runs of 100 and 63, which he attributed to massage and yoga.

Following distribution of several awards and certificates to participants in competitions which the Indian Consulate keeps busy organising to engage the community, the yoga session started.

There were postures with twists and turns, breathing exercises that claim to rid hypertension, but it was Yoga Nidra in the end that left everyone refreshed.

The International Yoga Day was also celebrated at the Ermington Community Centre on 24 June,   organised by the Spirit of India (NSW) Inc.

More than 50 participants took part in 108 Surya Namaskars (Sun Salutations) followed by Yoga   asanas as per IDY protocol practised by more than 100 Yoga devotees. A 10-minute meditation chanting of Om Nameh Shivaye ended the session.

Dr Raj Kumar Sharma delivered a lecture on Ayurveda in Daily Life, followed by a delicious   Ayurvedic meal served as per the unique ”˜Pravarutti’ of a person.

Spirit of India Ayurveda Lectures:

Life Style disease and Ayurveda: Small changes in eating habits by using herbs and spices in diet according to your pravrutti can make lot of difference, by eminent   Ayurveda doctor, Director and professor of Dayanand College of Ayurveda. July 6-8 & 10, Friday to Tuesday, 7-9 pm at Dundas Community Centre, Telopia. Every day new disease covered
6 June, Friday —           Diabetes
7 June, Saturday —- High BP
8 June, Sunday   ——CHD (Cardio vascular Disease) Heart Ailment
10 June, Tuesday —-Arthritis

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