Meet Sydney’s multitalented Varun Tiwari

By Manju Mittal

An exceptionally talented   Punjabi young man Varun Tiwari, is one of the most popular dancers of Sydney, not only has Sydney gained an artist with unique moves, he is handsome as well. Hailing from Punjab multitalented Varun is a videographer, entertainer and above all an extremely hard  working guy. Over the years, this talented yet humble Varun has diligently carved his way to success in his chosen fields. He has won lots of awards for the quality of his work and that hasn’t slowed him down, in fact he keeps exploring new avenues to display his immense talent presenting entertainment in many delightful ways.

Varun and his wife Kamaldeep Kaur organize ”˜Teeyan da Mela’, one of the largest Punjabi mega event in Sydney every year. Varun has not only shown that a creative pursuit can be developed into a vocation, but also has led the way always being there for every worthy cause. He can be seen performing at various community events, he entertains senior citizens with his performance, and also brings a smile to special children by performing for them.

The award winning video ”˜Babe di Nu’ by Guri Sekhon has been making waves in the entertainment world. Varun Tiwari’s company Friends World TV Australia has produced several such hit music videos which have become very popular with music lovers all around the world. Varun Tiwari and his team mates Kamaldeep Kaur and Ankur Verma were honoured with the best Music Video Director and Producer award at International Australian Punjabi Film Festival in Sydney.

Since his arrival in Sydney in 2005 Varun has been pursuing his creative passion with an unfailing dedication. I asked Varun who influenced, inspired him? He smiled and said, “I draw my inspiration from my parents and my friend Yogesh Sharma has played a major role and is a great influence in my life. I am very passionate about dancing which I feel is a way of expressing yourself. I consider myself a very small artist; there is so much to learn. I wish to thank all my friends and supporters for their encouragement.”

Varun Tiwari, a Bollywood and bhangra lover is a dancer by birth. He started dancing from the age of three. He has acted in many movies, done comedies with Jaspal Bhatti and has performed almost 3000 dances in the last few years as his contribution toward arts and culture. He has also ventured into film making, and produced an indie film “The Jury” which was screened in Sydney.

Over the past few years, Varun has ventured into video and photography, and here too, his creative acumen and focus has led him to set up an enviable reputation among the community. His team Friends Audio Video can be seen filming at most major events and is a regular feature and several family occasions within the community members from the sub continent. Varun has proved to be an accomplished Punjabi presenter and an interviewee for his youtube channel,  Friends World TV Australia.

With remarkable insight and an encouraging dance teacher, Varun has been a source of inspiration to countless actors and performers who have learned valuable cues from him and performed alongside him at community events. We at TIDU sincerely wish Varun best of luck in all his future endeavours.




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