Australia’s ‘Super Saturday’ By-election results undermine Turnbull’s authority

By Rekha Bhattacharjee

The last Saturday’s five by-elections results have not been a threat to the Prime Minister’s leadership ”“ nor has it changed the numbers in the House of Representatives or in the Party Room ”“ yet the voting pattern of the public indicates their anger towards their circumstances and that of the politicians. They have become more alienated and distrustful. Government lost in all five.

The prime Minister has been working on delivering the Energy bill and others including Immigration ”“ thus one can say ”“ it has undermined his authority.

The party room would be wary of their own circumstances in the coming Federal Elections 2019 ”“ thus review of policies could be happening in the near future. There has been a saying in  Australia that by-election results are always a “kick in the back of the ruling party” ”“ to perform better and deliver!

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