Mahasvin Gogi excels in engineering at UTS

From a young age, Mahasvin Gogi was immersed in engineering – his father was a software engineer.

Born in Mumbai, his family came to Australia when he was in primary school. He later returned with his family to India to attend high school, before coming back to Australia to attend university.

In high school, he liked building energy systems from scratch, using the materials his class had on hand.

“I participated in an engaging engineering activity during high school. My class group made a turbine that ran on water. The magnets attached to it created an electric flux in the copper wires that are wound around the turbine creating current and energy. My group converted mechanical to chemical energy and created a renewable energy system using tidal power.”

These experiences led Mahasvin to decide to study engineering when his family returned to Australia. However, he faced problems getting his secondary qualification recognised.

“Several universities and the University Admissions Centre would not recognise my high school qualification. I found the Diploma of Engineering at UTS Insearch after a recommendation from a friend. I liked the focus on creative thinking and the teachers were excellent,” he said.

Mahasvin’s hard work during his course resulted in him topping his diploma and winning the Outstanding Graduate prize at his graduation.

“I was not expecting the prize and neither were my parents. However, now I feel very surprised and proud of my achievement,” Mahasvin said.

He is currently studying a Bachelor of Engineering ”“ Electrical (Honours) at UTS and would like to build renewable energy systems in future.

Each year UTS Insearch offers more than $210,000 in prizes to recognise the success of its students and reward their academic achievements.


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