Indra Nooyi ”“ CEO Pepsi steps down

 By Rekha Bhattacharjee

She is one and only Indian executive who broke the glass ceiling in corporate America. She was also among the few female executives to lead global corporations.

An immigrant and a woman, she served as chief executive of PepsiCo for 12 years – a position that placed her among the world’s most powerful corporate titans, overseeing a business that sells more than $1bn worth of products each year and includes 22 global brands.

She moved corporate spending away from junk foods and into the healthier alternatives, with the aim of improving the healthiness of even the “fun” offerings (potato chips and soda).  In 2015, Nooyi removed aspartame  from Diet Pepsi, furthering the shift towards healthier foods, despite lack of evidence of aspartame’s harmful effects.

Born in the city of  Madras, now Chennai, in the south of  India, Ms Nooyi, 62, has credited her family with instilling her with ambition.    

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