NEG a popular step for Australia

By Rekha  Bhattacharjee

August 12, 2018. Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and Federal Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg will be confronted in party room by Tony Abbott and other critics who want, in effect, the plan to be made less green on Tuesday the 14th  August 2018.

The Labor States need the Commonwealth legislation to go through the federal Coalition party room first.

“The Coalition party room is the biggest risk to energy and price stability, and has been for 10 years, so we need that party room certainty” said Labor.

The non Labor States of NSW and  South Australia  would have preferred to move quicker.

The Industry and Business Council    of  Australia  considers the continuing of the NEG a positive step.

Minister Frydenberg said he was confident that governments will agree to move forward with the National Energy Guarantee.



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