Premier applauds Indian values

By Vijay Badhwar

Facebook enthusiasts had plenty of time for their selfies before the NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian arrived for celebration of India’s Independence Day at the Parliament House on August 9.

The Minister for Multiculturalism, Ray Williams, congratulated Dr Hari Harinath for accepting extension of his term as Chairperson Multicultural NSW, adding jokingly that his title of Minister for Multiculturalism should be renamed as Minister for Multiculturalism and Indian Affairs from the number of Indian events he attended regularly.

Mr Williams also complimented the Indian community which, he said, was ”˜quite incredible, applying themselves, working very hard, having family values and also coming together to celebrate’.

The Premier, who was earlier compared to ”˜Jhansi ki Rani’ by a thankful Dr Hari Harinath, said, “India, over 70 years ago, had changed the world as the largest democracy, just as the Indian community has positively changed NSW for ever.

“Looking at the coming generation, there are the same values I grew up with – of education, hard work, aspiration,” she said.

On her recent visit to India, Ms Berejiklian said, it was incredible to launch an exchange programme for IT specialists from which, both, Indians as well as Australians would benefit by sharing   their knowledge. The Premier also complimented PM Modi’s reforms for better quality of life for all Indians.

“What’s most important are people to people contacts. There are opportunities in fresh produce, education and health sectors, and also in film production, in addition to traditional areas. The opportunities are endless,” she said.

Gandhi’s message of peace resonates with us, the Premier said, adding that NSW will participate in Mahatma Gandhi’s 150th anniversary celebrations next year.

The Indian Consul General in Sydney, Mr Vanlalvawna, welcomed NSW Government’s initiative to celebrate India’s Independence Day and the level of engagement with the community which, he said, was, by extension, a commitment towards fostering strong relations.

Mr Vanlalvawna said that India had made vast progress in the last 20 years, growing from a recipient nation to a provider nation at the forefront of global growth. He said India was an open economy suited for investment and business.

After the speeches there were photo opportunities with the Premier and a number of MPs present at the occasion.




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