R.I.P. Mahabir Singh

Mahabir Singh was a godsend for the small Hindu community in the 70s. There were no temples then, neither any priests to perform the common ceremonies the community was used to back home in India and Fiji.

There were only three Hindu priests at the time – Shiva Bhatt, Mahabir Singh and Sharad Arora who were invited to all homes and who provided the gratuitous service as they worked in their full-time professions as teacher, scientist and librarian respectively.

Shiva Bhatt ji passed away approximately a year ago, and recently on August 9, Mahabir ji left this world for his next journey. They, both, were heavenly souls, their dedication towards God and religion was unparalleled.

Although a scientist in the field of solid state Physics, for Mahabir ji there was nothing else but service to God. He never married, dedicating his whole life in His service. He would not eat breakfast, lunch or dinner without first offering ”˜bhog’ to the deities. He even carried the deities with him wherever he travelled and ”˜pure’ utensils to cook them fresh food.

Several years ago, Mahabir ji left Sydney to work at the university in Melbourne. There were many followers there who attended regular puja ceremonies at his residence and received Prasad and his blessings. He also used to come to Sydney regularly to perform pujas and havans for his devout followers.

His foremost dedication towards God led him to build a temple back home in Balsara, Bihar. At one time he travelled in a truck showing religious videos in surrounding villages. Mahabir ji also wrote his own version of Ramayan, such was his love for the God.

Three years ago, he was rescued from a devastating fire at home. Mahabir ji never recovered from the tragic episode. He preferred to go back home to his temple in Bihar than spending his life in a nursing home in Australia. A few of his friends helped him to make his wish possible.

In the temple he was well looked after by priests and his close relatives. He led his remaining life of his own choosing in service to God.

May his soul rest in peace.

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