Sister Shivani energises Australia

By Neena Badhwar

Sister Shivani is the flavour of the month in Australia as she zips across the country through the cities of Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, Hobart and Gold Coast. Thousands turn up to her talks. Here we are a witness to her following in Sydney when she came and talked to Sydneysiders at the State Theatre on August 12th.

Her 3pm show was booked in a matter of hours when many felt left out. Soon people canvassed for another show. The main movers were Chandru and Kalpana Tolani amongst many who asked for it when the B K Raja Yoga Centre relented to holding another session with Sister Shivani at 11am.

The day was cold yet people thronged to the hall to see their favourite Sister Shivani speak.

Sister Shivani’s story is a success story for the BK Raja Yoga, not just the devotees, but Indians generally, in India and worldwide, regardless of caste, creed, colour or age, they are enamoured by her simple explanations of our day-today problems. She is calm, she is simple, she is enigma, she smiles and she exudes peaceful vibrations around her where ever she visits. She takes all on a journey where they can find answers to their complicated look at life and its issues.

She does it in like an elder sister talking to you as she immediately connects to one and all with her, at places funny, her quotes as if she can read the minds of us all. Her observations are acute yet solutions she gives are just plain common sense. As she progresses, she requests people to sit in silence, even if just for a couple of minutes, leaving our toy behind. The toy, is the mobile, she refers to, which is in every one’s hand. She says, “Any spare time we had is now devoted on this toy.”

She picks the modern narratives such as – ‘Oh I am very busy’; ‘I can’t sleep’; ‘I am stressed’; ‘I have no time’ or ‘I am tired’. Modern human being is running crazy and there is not enough hours in the day to do all the things one is supposed to do. “Take it easy,” she implores, “Instead of saying that you are busy, why cannot you say ‘I am easy’; ‘I have all the time’; ‘I am calm’; ‘I am peace’,” she adds just the change in belief system will change your life for ever. She elicits response from the audience and slowly and confidently leads all to where she wants us to go. Peace.   How as humans, we are all connected and can bring peace to the world. Everyone nods that world is in desperate need of peace   yet the atmosphere of terror, anxiety, sleeplessness, busyness is all around us with no time left for ourselves or our family members.

Calm down, slow down, she says, change your attitude to yourself, to the people around you, understand them. Connect to the hearts of people where, she says, the divine resides.

“Try not using the words ‘Irritate’, ‘Hate’, ‘Don’t Like’.” Instead change them to ‘like’, ‘happy’, ‘beautiful’ and you would see the life transform, she promises. “People will irritate, they will bother you, situations will challenge you, suffering will be there. Only by changing your perspective, you have already healed yourself. The biggest enemy is not others who bother you, irritate you, but the biggest enemy is you yourself.” Don’t get irritated here she touches her forehead and says that the problem lies within us.

Sister explains things with simple examples. Her observations about modern life are just spot on as well her arguments, her way of explaining things in simple terms is what has made her the darling of all. Her videos on various topics draw millions of views on youtube and also on BK Rajayoga channel. It is not as if people have not heard or seen her already. But on Sunday the 12th of August, they came to witness for themselves the powerful phenomena that is Sister Shivani. And Sydney is still talking.

(Sister Shivani recommends that we regularly meditate for at least for half an hour every day by coming and learning at the BK Centre in your city. Sister says meditation in today’s world should be mandatory if you care for yourself. You will see its benefits straight away. )


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