Dave Sharma – a Liberal candidate from Wentworth

By Rekha Bhattacharjee

Dave Sharma, candidate to contest from Wentworth   from former Prime Minister Turnbull’s seat.   He was backed by both Malcolm Turnbull and former PM John Howard as the best candidate! Prime Minister Morrison was for a female candidate.

All said and done the Liberals has selected the best candidate ”“ Dave Sharma 42, former Ambassador to Israel ”“ now an Accountant. A brilliant career and an HSC topper, who studied at Oxford then Medicine at Sydney University!   Only disadvantage that he will face is that he does not live in the electorate! Opposing him is a very high profile candidate Dr Kerryn Phelps who is set to run as an independent.

Hopefully the former PM Turnbull who had a personal backing in the electorate will return to campaign for Dave Sharma in October.

Turnbull is very bitter and he is lobbying to have the cabinet minister who brought about a coup to displace him as PM, Peter Dutton to be brought out and referred to the High Court to determine whether an there was interest in Early Childhood Centres, his family’s childcare business and government policy decisions.
It could see him breach Section 44 of the Constitution! It was acknowledged by the Solicitor General he should be referred to the High Court.   More trouble for Dutton over use of Parliamentary privilege as Minister for Immigration over the au pair affair. All this will not help him in the marginal seat he holds in Queensland in the next election in 2019.

Prime Minister Morrison has not been able to keep a lid on the controversies around Dutton. The Liberals were not able to pinpoint as to why Turnbull was deposed. It is their partner, National Party leader who identified as Ambition/ News polls/ Opportunity, that led to a new prime minister. The voters too could hit the Liberals for ousting their favourite member for Wentworth Malcolm Turnbull.

Turnbull was a Barrister and a very successful businessman prior to politics if he carries out his bitterness one is reminded how he took on the British government and later his book the ”˜Spy Catcher’ – was brilliant.

Mr Morrison took to Twitter to congratulate Mr Sharma, saying ‘the best candidate won’. He also said he did want to see ‘more Liberal women in Parliament but I always want to see the best candidate selected’.

Dave Sharma”˜s parents migrated from Vancouver when he was very young, married to an Australian from the foreign service and has three daughters.

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