‘One Less God releases on October 11 in theatres

The Australian theatrical release has been announced for  One Less God  commencing  October 11  and rolling out through October and November.  

Inspired by true events, and told from the perspectives of both hostages and terrorists over the course of the devastating three-day siege in Mumbai’s Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, the award-winning debut feature by writer/director/producer  Lliam Worthington,  was named  Best Film  at the  2017 Byron Bay Film Festival  and received both the  Grand Jury Prize ”“ Best Feature  and the  Industry Choice Award  at Los Angeles’ 2017  Dances with Films Festival –  the only feature in the twenty-year history of the festival to receive both honours.  

“With 166 people killed, over 600 injured and thousands swept up in the events, November 2008 is India’s 9/11,” says  Lliam Worthington. “We spent years researching and writing, and once we became immersed in the events and the geo-politics, we knew we needed to get beyond the timeline of events that were filling the news cycles. We wanted to get to the heart of the tragedy, and also beyond it – to the people on both ends of the guns.”

Powerful and thought provoking, large portions of the film’s dialogue was directly inspired by the leaked transcripts of the 2008 siege.     Worthington says:   “I wanted to craft a story that walks the line between the minefields of demonisation and apologetics, and offer a genuine movement towards greater humanism and compassion. That’s a very difficult path to find, but with all that is taking place in the world, it’s vital that we find ways to help immunise our societies from those who seek to pull us towards either extreme. I think it’s always been one of the duties of the arts, to help us find the road less travelled in our conversations, and I believe that’s what we’ve done and why the responses we’re getting from festival audiences are so strong.”

Co-producer  Nelson Lau  said: “Conceived eight years ago and filmed and produced over three years,  One Less God  is a truly independent feature largely created by sweat equity and grass roots industry support.” Producer  Maren Smith  continued: “This is a feature made by people of many different faiths: Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Jews, Buddhists and those of no faith as well. I think together we have made a deeply humanist film that shrinks from nothing, which we believe is vital right now in this divisive political climate.”

The film stars a diverse Australian cast bringing to life the hostages, international guests, the hotel staff and the terrorists, including  Joseph Mahler Taylor, Mihika Rao, Kabir Singh, SukhRaj Deepak, Kieran Kumar, Nathan Kaye, Martelle Hammer, Reilly O’Byrne-Inglis, Igor Kreyman, Joseph JU Taylor, Quentin Yung,  Nicole Fantl, Jan Langford-Penny, Philip RK John, Nicolas François, Kaliopi Eleni  and  Rhavin Banda –  many of whom will make their screen debuts.

To commemorate the 10-year anniversary of the Mumbai 26/11 tragedy, a portion of all Australian and Indian box office receipts will be donated to the  I Love Mumbai Foundation  – one of the most active charities working with the victims and their families.


Inspired by true events.

Sean  (Joseph Mahler Taylor), an Irish backpacker, was drawn to India like so many before him, seeking spiritual answers and meaning.  Atiya  (Mihika Rao)  came to Mumbai with her grandfather  (SukhRaj Deepak), to visit her dying mother in hospital.    Yaaseen  (Kabir Singh)  and  Ahmad  (Kieran Kumar)  came because they were told their names would be etched in gold. That they would be hailed as great heroes forever more. They were told … that they were doing ”˜God’s’ work.   On the 26 November 2008, their worlds would collide when ten young members of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the “Army of the Righteous” landed on the coast of Mumbai armed with AK-47s and grenades – their primary target, the iconic Taj Mahal Palace Hotel.

With authorities overwhelmed, for almost 72 hours Indians and travelers from across the world were swept up into a desperate bid for survival ”“ as the indoctrinated terrorists, coke-addled, fueled by vengeance, and driven on by their ruthless handler would seek to “inflict as much damage as possible” and strike a blow to the heart of all Indians.

Yet this is more than a story of terrorism or of monsters and men, it is an unflinching descent into the psyches of the terrorists behind the infamous 26/11 attacks, and an appeal to our shared humanity at the dark crossroads to which we have now stumbled.


11 ”“ 18 October                                                                   Classic Elsternwick

11 ”“ 18 October                                                                   Lido, Hawthorn

1 ”“ 8 November                                                                   Metro Cinema Lake Haven  

8 ”“ 15 November                                                             Sorrento Athenaeum Cinema



Monday 8 October                                                       Q & A                                                                   Classic, Elsternwick                          

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