Cadbury girl Pallavi Subhash charms Sydneysiders at Safal Fest

Pallavi Subhash with Nim Gholkar at Safal Fest Gala Night in Sydney

By Neena Badhwar

She is the girl who is known for her famous Cadbury ad ”˜Kucchh Meetha Ho Jaaye’ and she proved to be the sweetest drawcard for Sydneysiders who swarmed around her at the Safal Fest held in Sydney from 5th to the 7th of October. Not only that Pallavi has received accolades for her roles in the serial ”˜Ashoka’ in which she enacted the role of Dharma, also people would remember her as ”˜Rukmani’ in Mahabharat. Noticed by Ekta Kapoor and offered a role on the spot of ”˜Gauri’ in ‘Karam Apna Apna’ says Pallavi, “I went to watch a Marathi play with my brother and was offered this prime role.”

She says she wasn’t even ready when she expressed that she doesn’t know acting, never ever been near a theatre her aim was to become an advocate. “I said to my brother I can’t, I don’t know how to act. But they insisted and so did my brother who convinced me to take up the challenge.”

“I went to meet Ekta Kapoor, as she welcomed me with, “That’s my Gauri,” I remember Ekta’s cabin on third floor, when I had gone there to say ”˜No’ to the show, “She was so warm and everyone just clapped. She said you are Marathi, we will order whatever Marathi dish you like.” I still was unsure and said, “I am not sure as I am still learning Hindi. But Ekta insisted handing me the contract and assured me ”˜you’d be fine you can speak seventy five percent in Marathi if you like’.”

“Since then I have not looked back, have acted in Marathi films, Telugu films as language comes naturally to me.”

Pallavi with a fan at the cinemas

Pallavi was in town as chief guest at Safal Fest ”“ Festival of Arts & Literature presented by Ash and Nim Gholkar and Kedar Pagaddinnimath of ASAF Inc. She also attended the screening of Sinhala movie ”˜Yashodhara’ at Top Ryde Events Cinemas on the 7th of October when she told TIDU, “I had been acting in regional films but to be offered a role in a Sinhala movie by the director Sunil Ariyratne was a big surprise.”

Pallavi with  Arpit Choudhary in the film ‘Yashodhara’

“My life has totally served me strange surprises as some of the major roles have just turned up directly from people. I would say to them how, how did you know about me?”

Well without realizing Pallavi was being noticed for her looks, her acting and her warm personality. At the Events Cienmas when we meet her afterwards Pallavi proves to be a warm, down to earth and full of life as she chats on Café Latte on how she landed the role of ”˜Yashodhara’ ”“ Buddha’s wife. “It was a shock to me when I was offered the role and asked ”˜why me’? Of all the films, a Sri Lankan film? I didn’t know that they even have a film industry over there.”

“I was in Sri Lanka to attend a workshop. I love workshops. That’s when I found out that there was a thriving Sri Lankan film industry. It turned out to be an amazing experience. I knew very little about ”˜Yashodhara’ and started my own studies and read a lot of books the moment I got to know that I am going to do this role. I was scared of acting in Sinhalese language. Honestly I had no idea about it. Sir said just come and said don’t worry you will be able to do it.”

“I didn’t know when I was made aware by Sir Sunil that ”˜Yashodhara’ had been through many births along with Buddha when finally he achieved Buddhahood.”

“In the film although I was being cajoled by Buddha’s family to marry again, they didn’t know that I had been with Him for many births to finally help him achieve nirvana in this life.”

She remembers herself lying in bed with baby Rahula, “For me the scene when Siddhartha touches my arm as he slips out, leaving me and the baby, was an iconic one. Unlike the elaborate hairdoos in the movie I was without make up that night. It was a life of sacrifice, penance and meditation for Yashodhara after when he left.”

When asked what impact has the role of ”˜Yashodhara’ left on her, says Pallavi, “It will stay with me for life. You can never come out of a role as powerful as hers, it was about women empowerment in days gone by.”

We leave Pallavi here and wish her well in her future women centric roles that keep falling in her lap by chance.


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