Book to see ”˜Guards at Taj’ play based on the iconic Taj Mahal

By Manju Mittal

To all those theatre lovers of Sydney, a unique theatrical presentation by local artists performing live in an English play will be staged on December 8-9 for two shows.  A wickedly dark comedy based on a myth surrounding the Taj Mahal that ”˜nothing so beautiful shall ever be built again’. Rajiv Joseph’s ”˜Guards at the Taj’ is funny, absorbing and deeply perceptive into human mind. While the play is set in the year 1648, the guards represent the everyman who tries to do his job but dreams more.

Two long- term friends stand guard at the Taj Mahal hours before it is to be unveiled at dawn. Among the Sacred Oaths of the Mughal imperial Guards, they are forbidden to look at the monument, Speak or lower their swords. The play reaches a turning point as the guards are ordered to do the unimaginable and their friendship is tested to its limits.

Jyotsna Sharma will be wearing her director’s hat and directing this humorous two-hander. Multitalented Jyotsana Sharma needs no introduction to her fans in Sydney.  Jyotana is a trained actor, dancer and singer. She has acted on stage and has worked under some of the biggest names in India. She is currently associated with Alphaville helmed by Prof Paul Brown for a play named “Crowded World’ as an actor.

Referring to the play, director actor Jyotsna says “The play is written by the supremely talented Pulitzer finalist Rajiv Joseph whose clever turns at phrase will not just make the audience laugh but hopefully also give everyone pause for thought. Even though it’s set in the medieval era, the language is contemporary and relatable.”

She adds, “Our aim is to entertain audiences, ”˜Guards at the Taj’ is truly a unique concept that will capture all emotions and stay with you for a long time, so bring your friends and family along and enjoy the play in December.”

The cast includes Akshat Gupta and Rushi Dave, both are known faces in Sydney theatre and fondly remembered for their brilliant performance recently in comedy play  ”˜Shaadi ka Laddu laddu ki shaadi’. Akshat and Rushi are working very hard to ensure the audience witness a performance they will always remember.

Heart & Soul is proud to present ”˜Guards at the Taj’ – an excellent play all the Sydneysiders should not miss in December at Monkey Baa Theatre Company Terrace 3, 1-25 Harbour Street. The play has coarse language and sexual references for MA15 plus audience only.  Tickets are online book your tickets on


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