Sachin Tendulkar’s portrait to be unveiled at Bradman Museum

Tendulkar’s portrait was painted by famous artist Dave Thomas

By Kersi Meher-Homji

In his lifetime India’s legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar has received many accolades. Now he will be receiving one more honour. His portrait will be unveiled at the Bradman Museum at Bowral on 2nd  December,  Monica Donoso ”“ the Media and Cultural Projects Officer at the Bradman Centre ”“ told noted Indian cricket writer Bipin Dani in  Deccan Chronicle  (India).

“At our upcoming summer Mega-Exhibition, the public will be able to see for the first time this portrait, but officially it will be displayed in the museum on December 2,” Donoso told Bipin Dani. “We are trying to invite the Indian team and will be happy if at least some players remain present. An invitation will also be sent to Sachin Tendulkar but will respect his busy schedule.”

Dani wrote in  Deccan Chronicle, “Late Don Bradman had respect for Sachin and had specially invited him on his 90th birthday.”

Thomas, hailing from England, told Dani, “During Sachin’s visit to the Bradman Museum, I was fortunate enough to spare some time with the legendary batsman and it took about a month to prepare this portrait which has Sachin in two different poses; sitting and relaxing on a stool and an action photograph. Sachin is a wonderful man and was very co-operative during my session with him.”

Thomas has also portrayed several cricketers including Dr WG Grace, Sir Garry Sobers, Dennis Lillee and Richie Benaud. His next portrait will be of another Australian legend Victor Trumper.

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