The Sufi Lounge: An evening full of Soulful Sufi renditions..

By Manju Mittal

The Sufi Lounge concert was once again a fabulous night of entertainment showcasing amazing and talented musicians. A good crowd gathered and enjoyed the fascinating Sufi concept concert was presented by JAZBA and SNSR with a mix of old and new Sufi Qawwalis on Saturday November 24, 2018 at Redgum Function Centre, Wentworthville. Here is a little sneak review of a mesmerising singing evening with performers staging an absolutely amazing, singing with style, energy and spirit. We completely love Bollywood music, the difference between popular music and the more soulful Sufi music is actually a difference in emotions it helps to surface.

Well known multitalented singer Avijit Sarkar needs no introduction to his fans in Australia. Avijit’s stage shows are always packed with energy and his music. Sadiq Rehamai is a very well known guitarist and singer who has been entertaining audience in Australia for a long time. Rachana Bhatnagar and Rucha Lange, both are professional singers of Sydney, they have passion for singing and they have performed in many concerts in Sydney.

Show commenced with a classical number by Rucha Lange ”˜Ayaat and Sanu ek pal’ followed by ”˜Chap tilak’. With a mind blowing performance Rucha was undoubtedly at her best. Rachana Bhatnagar, who loves to experiment with different genres of songs, she captured audience attention with beautiful songs   ”˜Jabse tuney mujhe deewana’, ”˜Yeh jo halka’ ”˜Mere maula karam ho’ and many more, listening to Rachana’s soothing voice was sheer delight.

It was insurmountable when Avijit also sang Sufi qawwali number ”˜Piya re’ and ”˜Aya tere dar par’ with an exquisite mixture of classical music. With each song number he played harmonium and orchestrated the band and miraculously managed to engage the audience. Sadiq Rehmani enthralled the audience with popular Bollywood songs ”˜Iktara’ and ”˜Teri deewani’ he drew loud cheers from audience.

The highlight of the concert was the overtone throat singer from Adelaide Farhan Shah’s mind blowing performance, it is not everyday the Sydneysiders are treated to Sufi singing that has been a part of Kashmiri culture for centuries. Thus, Farhan’s performance was like a breath of fresh air which was generously applauded by the audience. He performed complicated notes perfectly showcasing the thin line between Sufi and Bollywood, his range is incredible and out of this world, and we were there as the witness. Farhan included hit Sufi numbers ”˜Allah hu’, ”˜Mere Rashke qamar’, ”˜Mere maula’, ”˜Dum duma dum ali’ and many more. The singer-composer and producer shared with us, “Sydney has a great audience. It was phenomenal and inspiring to perform here”.

While the audience had anticipated singing talents, the magic of live Jazba band was just brilliant as the screen behind the stage lit up with beautiful graphics.  Audience applauded each and every song with ”˜Wah Wah’ and enjoyed the evening thoroughly. This is a rare opportunity to see such a wealth of amazing musical talent on the one stage. Good lighting and perfect sound system by Abdul Sajwani made their performance electric. All five singers and chorus had the audience completely mesmerised with everyone certainly having a good time.

The Sufi concert was very different from the other concerts I attended in the past, what I found most moving about the evening was singers made the performances very entertaining from the audience’s perspective. Another unique thing about live performances is that it is interesting to watch when a singer successfully carries out something he or she has worked very hard at perfecting. One can notice the satisfaction on their faces which of course is due to the response from the listeners.

Great audience and good food are ingredients for a memorable evening, well the food stall from ”˜Royal India’ catering serving delicious chat papdi, aloo bonda, Chai, Rice & Mixed vegetable curry at reasonable prices filled the hungry stomach. ”˜Jazba’ presented delightful evening ”˜The Sufi Lounge’ and thus gave music lovers of Sydney an evening to remember for a long time.




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