Lets remember Mahatma Gandhi today

Mahatma Gandhi’s death anniversary is today on January 30, when in 1948 he was assassinated by Nathuram Godse. He uttered the words ”˜Hey Ram’ when the whole world sunk in sadness on this day as the great soul left for heavenly abode. He had fought for India’s independence and tried his best to pacify the angry mobs, both on the Hindu as well as Muslim side, India in total turmoil deep in communal riots created due to the partition which was drawn by some engineering draftsman on the map of India although the British were happy to rule India from Kabul to Burma and right down to Ceylon, now called Sri Lanka. More than a million people died as they moved from one place to another with many wounded, lost their possessions. There was a huge internal displacement of people in the region repercussions of which we see even today of the scars left by the partition.

Gandhi is highly revered by everyone around the world, said, Barack Obama, former President of USA, “It was Gandhi’s attention to the marginalised voices of Africa and then India that he was able to gather the movement to drive out the world’s most successful empire.”

Mahatma Gandhi’s statue unveiled by the President of India, Sh. Ramnath Kovind in Parramatta Park

In Sydney we have two statues of Gandhi, one installed in the University of NSW and another one in Parramatta Park which was unveiled last year by the President of India, Shri Ramnath Kovind, on his visit to Australia.

It would be good to remember Mahatma Gandhi on the day of his contribution and struggle to help win India independence, something that we take for granted these days, as he fought the British Raj clad in a dhoti to which once Winston Churchill, British Prime Minister had called ”˜The Naked Fakir’.

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