Indian community’s Sudhir Warrier and Chandrika Subramniyan honoured by the Premier at Harmony Dinner

Dr. Chandrika Subramnaiyan and Sudhir Warrier (left) with Premier Gladys Berejiklian along with other winners at the Harmony Dinner

Two members of the Indian Australian community have been recognised with top honours during the 2019 Premier’s Harmony Dinner.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian presented the Stepan Kerkysharian AO Individual Medal to Dr Chandrika Subramaniyan and the Business Excellence Medal to Sudhir Warrier.

Dr Subramaniyan is a lawyer and anti-domestic violence advocate. Before immigrating to Australia, Dr Subramaniyan worked as a journalist in India.

Mr Warrier is the Executive Chairman and owner of a Sydney based tourism and leisure group.

“Chandrika is an outstanding advocate for refugees and newly arrived migrants. In particular, she provides invaluable legal advice to women,” Mr Williams said.

“Dr Subramaniyan has devoted herself to helping migrants and women, particularly as a tireless advocate seeking to reduce violence against women,” Premier Berejiklian said.

“As well as giving pro bono advice to women from culturally diverse backgrounds, Dr Subramaniyan regularly holds community forums on domestic abuse, child protection, elder abuse, and legal education community forums.”

Dr Subramaniyan has worked in the Australian migrant resource and legal sectors for 20 years.

“I was inspired to study law after working in the migrant resource sector where I met many refugee and migrant women that desperately needed legal support,” Dr Subramaniyan said.

“Violence against women is a big issue and can be more difficult to navigate by women

Mr Warrier, Executive Chairman and owner of a Sydney based tourism and leisure group, received Premier’s honour as she said, “Sudhir is a shining example of excellence in business and has dedicated himself to creating employment and training opportunities for new migrants.”

Mr Williams congratulated Dr Subramaniyan and Mr Warrier, and said the Australian Indian community contributed significantly to NSW.

“There are more than 210,000 people in NSW with Indian ancestry, an increase of more than 50 per cent since 2011,” Mr Williams said.

“People like Chandrika and Sudhir strengthen our harmonious multicultural community and set an example for every member of our society to strive towards.”

The Stepan Kerkysharian AO Individual Medal recognises the contribution and achievement of an individual in facilitating and promoting social cohesion, understanding and acceptance between members of different cultural or faith communities in New South Wales.

The Business Excellence Medal recognises an outstanding business person whose work positively contributes to local communities. 

For more information about the Premier’s Multicultural Community Medals and Multicultural Honour Roll see:

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