At times there are no words to describe the senseless killings in Christchurch than through poetry

Indian Crescent Society of Australia Inc. (ICSOA) organised a condolence meeting to grieve together with bleeding hearts on the merciless and cruel way the killings of innocent Muslims was conducted by Brenton Tarrant who with his right wing extremist ideology killed worshippers gathered at a mass in the mosques in Christchurch.

Said Abbas Raza Alvi, ICSOA President, “With a grieving heart, we want to express our sincere thanks to each and every one who attended the condolence meeting on Sunday 17th March for 50 innocent worshipers who were gunned iddown in the worst terror attack in the history of New Zealand on Friday 15 March 2019.”

He further said, “Pouring rain, wet and stormy weather did not stop the community leaders, members of parliament,  councillors and even young children to stand with us during a difficult time like this outside Parramatta Town Hall. We respect the presence of the wider community as united Australia.

There are a huge number of condolence messages, we received from individuals/organizations, who were unable to attend.

We want to convey our thanks to everyone and apologise to those who were standing in open space with an umbrella in rains due to limited space in the covered area.”

The mourners issued a copy of the letter which has been forwarded to the Prime Minister of New Zealand and Prime Minister of  Australia.  A heartfelt poem “Am I living at home” was read at the meeting:

Am I living at home in Australia

Australia, my adopted land 

Where I live and have my home

I saw Australia as the most beautiful garden

I saw Australia where flowers of religions blossom

I saw dense forests of trees of humbleness 

I saw calm floating rivers of acceptability

I saw vast deserts of forgiveness 

I saw high mountains of tolerance 

I saw flying birds who were singing love songs

That was my Australia where I migrated 

The same Australia I want to see in future

I want to see

Where everyone shall contribute and not whip out 

I want to see

Where everyone shall associate and not dig out 

I want to see

Where everyone shall participate and not be kicked out 

I want to see

Where everyone shall be respected and not hated out 

I want to see

Where everyone shall live in peace and not killed out

I have my firm belief that 

Everyday throughout my life, O Aussie Mate

I shall feel that I am living at home in Australia

A home surrounded by beautiful multicultural mates

Yes, every day, I want to feel that I am living at home

Yes every day

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