Gurmesh from Coffs Harbour on his way to victory

Gurmesh Singh with family

A Coffs Harbour Punjabi farmer, Gurmesh Singh, has struck victory in the NSW state elections, a National party candidate, he said, the reason that he stood in election is because he wants to make the region strong and that people have equal opportunity for jobs like any other place in Australia. “I want my kids to be brought up in a safe, strong environment and have access to services like everyone else.”

Gurmesh takes over from his predecessor, “There’s been a huge investment in our region including the Coffs Harbour bypass, new justice precinct and Coffs Harbour Hospital. But there’s more to do I won’t be backing down and am going to make sure we continue to get what we deserve.”

Gurmesh with Premier Gladys Berejiklian during the campaign

In his campaign Gurmesh had said that job creation is most important to him in the region as they had plans and policies that are costed, plans for job creation in the region with promise for more nurses, mid wives, police officers and teachers. “We want to crack down on drug dealers as drug crime leads to more other types of crimes. With the court issuing Drug Supply Prohibition Order the police will have more powers to search homes and precincts of convicted drug dealers.”

At the polling booth

“More over Coffs has changed a lot and deserves services like any other in the region, upgrading Coffs Harbour hospital, highway bypass with tunnels, youth employment and youth suicide, roof top solar and batteries have all been costed so that we can put our plans into action.”

A third generation farmer and well known face with the people of Coffs Harbour, Gurmesh now holds 43.5 per cent of the vote,  with a total of 18,869 votes compared to Sally Townley, Independent who is at 17.7 per cent at 7,685 and Tony Judge of ALP also at 17.7 per cent with 7681 votes. With 81.7 per cent of the total vote counted Gurmesh is definitely the winner, some one who has worked hard and passionately for the Coffs Harbour region.

In an interview with Coffs Post Advocate, he said,  “I’ve had a lot of people approach me at pre-poll while voting talking about a lot of different issues,”

“We tried to meet as many people as possible, we tried to visit people in their homes and people could see that we were working hard and I think it was one of the keys, we started in Red Rock and went all the way down to Bonville.”

Mr Singh also paid tribute to his predecessor Andrew Fraser.

“Andrew is a very experienced local member and he understands that you need to represent the whole community and work to good outcomes for the whole community. So he has been a great political mentor and I’ve learnt a lot from him over the last couple of months.”

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