Kesari ”“ Real story, Unreal depiction

Akshay Kumar as I have said before is turning into the next Mr.Bharat! The guy chooses yet again to display his nationalist urge, albeit the fact that he is a Canadian citizen!

Anurag Singh’s Kesari is inspired by the true story of the battle of Saragarhi, 1897, where a band of 21 soldiers of the British Indian Army’s 36th Sikh Regiment warded off 10,000 Pathan troops. I remember reading about it in my History class in 2nd year. But a total mish mash of events coupled with antiquated story-telling technique of placing the hero in every frame, trivialises the sacrifice of 21 men. It seems a bit banal and prosaic.

The first half of the movie is useless”¦ creating a supposed story around a non-existent tale. Oh a mention about Parineeti I feel is as unnecessary as she was! I didn’t quite get whether she was a wife alive or now dead or was always imaginary. She was a prop to show a romantic lighter side of a brave soldier and as such failed miserably”¦. Yuuuuck.

Anyway moving on”¦. when transferred to an outpost due to indolence, Akshay spends most of his time creating camaraderie among the boys who are jungli and brash”¦. W-H-A-T-E-V-E-R! What’s supposed to be funny is just brash and loud lacking any wit or spirit! Akshay is depicted as this better than white bread, noble brave soldier, with the patience of Job, compassion of Mother Teresa, and the anger (only for just reasons) of a raging storm. His Afghan counterparts on the other hand (and not just one but all of them) are depicted as blood-lusting mongrels out to ravage the noble. Really?!?!?

Oh and Indian movies, really need to stop erupting into songs! I had no idea why this loud singing started (making me nearly jump out of my seat) when war is announced! And what’s with the film critics calling it a “UA” film?? Do they think it is ok for children to watch copious amounts of violence in the name of Nationalism? This movie was honestly very very violent! Uri seems child play in front of this! And what’s with the name Kesari? Kesari means Saffron! Since it has no relevance in the movie (except for the colour of the leader’s turban) I am assuming it is glorifying the colours of the ruling party”¦. Jeez so unsubtle!!! Propaganda? Or should I say propa-“ganda”??? Being a media that actually makes a difference to people’s thinking, Bollywood should contain hate by spreading message of love and friendship instead of taking sides and spreading hatred and violence of which there is no dearth today!

A visually exhausting and emotionally taxing two hours of my life I will never get back!

DeeScore: 1/5

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