The humble Beetroot: panacea for many health issues

When buying vegetables no one looks at the humble beetroot. It is neither a fruit, nor a vegetable. Yet it is a life giving, life promoting shall we say here vegetable. In Australia we find it in our burgers at Macdonalds, and is sold in tins at a very cheap price at supermarkets. Beetroot is added to many salads along with rocket and roasted nuts. We may overlook it at the green grocer but do put it on your list when you are there next. It is used lavishly in salads, some curries it may be the ingredient but as raw its freshly squeezed juice along with its leaves is quite healthy and highly nutritious when added with other fruits and green vegetables. Beetroot is not to be given to diabetics because it can affect one’s sugar levels.

Beet is loaded with iron which is easily digested. It is blood builder, helps in mental weakness, memory and much more. It helps women who have miscarriages often. They should take beetroot juice first thing in the morning. Beet even helps in kidney problems, helps alleviate burning in the urine, and kidney stones even. Beetroot boiled, mashed and taken after straining three times daily can help get rid of the stones. In salads beet stops leeching of phosphorus and calcium. Eaten raw beet helps to make one strong and healthy. Red beet is more nutritious than the white one. It helps the body in fighting tumours and cancer. It is advisable that it should be eaten along with its leaves. It also helps in increasing the milk in lactating mothers.

Beets are  low  in  calories  and a great source of  nutrients, including fiber,  folate  and  vitamin C. Beets also contain nitrates and pigments that may help lower blood pressure  and improve athletic performance. Beetroots are an excellent source of  folic acid  and a very good source of fibre,  manganese  and  potassium.

If your nails are in bad shape, break often then add it in your diet as it will make the nails pink and healthy. It even gets rid of skin problems, eczema and heals chaffed heels. Its lukewarm water can help in the ear ache also helps the skin when taken in juice form along with tomato an draw turmeric.

One cup fresh beet juice mixed with fresh carrot juice, raw papaya and orange can help lower high blood pressure. Expectant mothers will not get deficient in Calcium, iron, Vitamin A, D and C if they regularly take beet root juice along with carrot, tomato, apple and fig.

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