Andhadhun: A tale of fear, deceit and crime

A Review By Preeti Gupta

Inspired by a French short film L’Accordeur or The Piano Tuner (2010) by Olivier Treiner, AndhaDhun is a nerve-racking tale of fear, deceit and crime, which definitely keeps one on edge of their seat as it totally messes with your mind. The pun on the title ‘Andhadhun’ is brilliant; initially even I heard it as ‘Andhadhund’ meaning indiscriminate but the title literally means a blind song!! Sriram Raghavan does absolute justice to the Neo-noir genre of films by skilfully using the following tropes:

The anti-hero protagonist.

The femme fatale.

Taut, no-nonsense dialogue.

High-contrast mise-en-scène.

Raghavan’s casting is impeccable, as each actor gives a very nuanced performance in their role. The interesting thing is that the film abounds in cliches, but then sunverts it so suddenly that one is left gasping for air. 
Tabu as the ambitious, mercenary, two-timing wife of an erstwhile Bollywood heartthrob, Ayushman as the young, talented and ingenious muso keep you enthralled with their fabulous portrayal of flawed individuals navigating the moral and physical landscape.
The music is both lilting and energetic and is intricately woven into the tapestry of the narrative, which is fast paced. The dialogues are crisp and subtle. The editing is superb.It is for all ages between 14-100!!Worth making a movie night with popcorns or a kebab platter with your choice of poison( ahem ahem beverage). 
I’m a movie buff and a fastidious one at that!! My rating:  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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