Hindu Council of Australia to digitise local Hindu history

Hindus started arriving in Australia about fifty years ago. Since then the numbers have grown to almost half a million Hindus in Australia. Hindus have established many places of worship in Australia. It is said that the best time to record history is by those who have lived it.

It is time to start recording the history of the foundation and growth of the places of worship, temples. Hindu Council of Australia has started a  digital project to record the history of each temple in Australia.

HCA is requesting all those associated:

  • with a  temple  either now or were in the past or know a story or two about it, or if
  • if you have started an event like a  festival celebration  (e.g. Ganesha Visarjana) or
  • have ever seen a  Hindu icon being installed  any where (Maharishi Shushruta in Melbourne, Gandhi statue, Cenotaph etc),
  • or have started a  regular Hindu event  (like Gargi Women Awards)
  • or have struggled and pioneered a  Hindu activity  which is intangible (e.g. SRE teaching Hinduism in schools, bhajan mandli)

Do come forward and get your history recorded for future generations.

Please send us information about your temple :

  1. What need was felt that led to the idea of a temple
  2. Any specific event which was a catalyst in community coming together to form the temple
  3. How did you go about it, who were the people involved.
  4. What were the difficulties and how were they solved.
  5. How and when was it started.
  6. How and when was it completed
  7. Tell us about its opening, who came etc.
  8. What expansion has taken place since then
  9. List of office bearers and key people in the temple since its foundation to now.
  10. Progress of the temple over the period of time

Please do send any photographs, videos, internet resources available, news paper clippings, pamphlets, newsletters, books or anything else you may have. If you cant email the information, please drop HCA an email, its volunteers will come and collect the information and digitize it.

It is proposed that this information will be hosted in the cyber space for now until a physical space to hold a  Museum of Hindu Heritage in Australia  is  established.

Please send the information to editor@hinducouncil.com.au

Short URL: https://indiandownunder.com.au/?p=12985