My Community Project

Apply now to bring your great idea to life

It’s time to bring to life your bright idea to improve the health and happiness of your local community, with applications for My Community Project now open.

Treasurer Dominic Perrottet encouraged people across NSW to get involved in the innovative program, which empowers communities to make decisions that will enhance their local community, by proposing and choosing projects to get funded.

“My Community Project gives you the chance to develop your great idea to revitalise or renew your neighbourhood, whether that be through the addition of a community garden, a safe and inclusive playground or holding a cultural fair,” Mr Perrottet said.

“Through this program, locals can think about what their community needs, develop that idea with a sponsor such as a local council, TAFE or a charity, and then work with them to transform their concept into reality.

“Once we have the eligible project applications for each area, we will invite the community to get behind them by voting online for the projects they like the most.”

A total of $24.4 million will be available, spread across the entire State, for projects valued between $20,000 and $200,000 that will make communities more liveable, cultural, accessible, safe, revitalised or healthy.

Mr Perrottet said the new program was established by the NSW Government as part of the 2018 Budget and is made possible by the NSW Generations Fund.

“An exciting first for NSW, the NSW Generations Fund is a sovereign wealth fund that will help maintain debt at sustainable levels, while also supporting local communities through My Community Project,” Mr Perrottet said.

“Thanks to the NSW Government’s strong financial management, we have the funds available to partner your great ideas with the local knowledge and experience of sponsors and deliver projects to make a difference for communities across NSW.

“This is just one way the NSW Government is getting it done for people living right across our state.”

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