Sydney celebrates Holi with Phagun Bahar

‘Phagun Bahar’ Holi get together organised by Indian Literary & Art Society (ILASA Inc) and Hindi Samaj on March 31, 2019 at Dundas Community Centre was a crowded event. Close to hundred people turned up with ten local poets entertaining Sydneysiders in the spirit of joyous mood in which this extremely popular festival of India is celebrated. Humour and playful mood was the order on a cold afternoon with friendly smiling faces welcomed all, wishing guests with a colourful tilak or a little colourful smudge with lots of hugs and good wishes.

ILASA Inc. has been able to, in its last ten years, form a literary platform on which many poets, writers are proud to gather as well as perform. Holi poetry is so much different to your normal poetry with a bend towards jovial and humorous renditions. Remember hasya kavi Kaka Hathrasi who in India on the occasion of Holi would entertain with his crispy couplets. After a whole day of playing holi and colour people would gather in thousands to hear their favourite poets. Holi is a festival that expects all to let their hair down and enjoy, mix and mingle in a light hearted manner. ILASA Inc is keeping this tradition alive in Sydney and this year Hindi Samaj joined hands with ”˜Kavitaon ki Bhang, Holi ke Rang, Aap sab ke Sang’ is how the program summed up the afternoon.

Phagun Bahar started with Meena Mohanty’s melodius classical song, which set the musical atmosphere. Vivid and engaging poems were recited by young and senior poets of Sydney, namely Vijay Kumar Singh, Abbas Raza Alvi, Rekha Rajvanshi, Virat Nehru, Manish Rana, Rajeev Kapoor, Swati Tiwari, Anu Shivram and Manit Bhaskar. Audience also enjoyed Harmohan Walia and Dave Passi’s poems. Senior author Santram Bajaj read a piece of satire & humour on the occasion.   

Talented singers of Sydney – Padmalatha Rao, Ajoy Ghosh and Gaurav Kapoor entertained audience with their lively singing.  Holi dances by Jyoti Dixit and Kriti Jain brought the spirit of glorious Holi festival alive.  Emcee Sonu Sarda kept audience engaged with her poetic, humorous anchoring. 

Organizer Rekha Rajvanshi said, “Hasya poems are recited during Holi, and special Ragas in Thumri and Hori are sung, we are trying to keep this tradition alive here in Sydney.”

No Indian celebration is complete without food.  Plenty of masala chai and food was served to from the kitchen by the volunteers as everyone enjoyed yummy Thandai offered by Hindi Samaj. 

Pics courtesy Harmohan Walia

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