Dandenong decorated in vibrant colours by Indian artists

Sohail Yamin and Yoge Biju

Two local emerging Indian artists, Sohail Yamin and Yoge Biju have added vibrancy to the Indian Cultural Precinct in Foster Street in Dandneong.

Six months on two new artists have been engaged to complete further works in the precinct. They are Rashmi Gore  and Natasha Narain .

The artists were commissioned by Council as part of its ongoing Street Art Program in the Indian Cultural Precinct and were engaged to decorate a total of six power poles.

Shameela Singh of Nikita’s Fashions in Dandenong’s Indian Cultural Precinct near the Warli art by Rashmi Gore

Yamin’s work titled Peace and Love builds on inspiration, brightly coloured motifs, symbols and slogans synonymous with truck art which is very popular in India.

Biju’s street art concept is titled Thoonu which translates to mean Indian Pillar. Pillars are a key architectural element and design aesthetic of Indian monuments and structures.

Rashmi Gore work explores indigenous Warli art from Western India which dates back to Neolithic times.  The striking artwork has intricate geometric patterns depicting people, festivals, cultural traditions and natural motifs.

Natasha Narain with her art

Natasha Narain Is interested in expressing cultural identity in figurative works that depict dolls adorned in traditional Indian fabrics and motifs worn by women. Her work pays homage to the many wonderful Indian fashion boutiques located in the precinct.

The artworks are located outside Museum India and are designed to extend the experience of the museum on to the street.

The initiative to decorate power poles has been supported by United Energy.  All of the artworks play an important role in the continuation of the City of Greater Dandenong’s ongoing street art program in the Indian Cultural Precinct.

The street art program began with four large scale murals on Mason Street at the precinct’s northern gateway, followed by  shop front improvements and veranda decorations soon after.

Melbourne’s south-east region is home to more than 52,000 people of Indian origin. Approximately 12,400 first generation Indian residents currently call the City of Greater Dandenong home.

For more information on these works and other street art projects go to greaterdandenong.com/littleindiaculturalprecinct

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